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The Russian government scholarships winnig conditions

Regulations of admission

      Candidates for admission to Russian higher educational institutions are supposed to have the educational level equivalent to the complete secondary education in Russia. Their results on basic subjects in Maturity Degree are expected to be not less than 80 per cent of the highest marks level. On the other subjects candidates are also supposed to have good marks.

      The gap between the time of graduating from school, college or technical college and the time of entering any of the higher educational institutions of Russia should not exceed 3 years. It is preferable that the age of candidates for admission doesn't exceed 27 years.

      Those candidates who have Master's Degree in Science/Arts can be admitted to the post-graduate course of study (Aspirantura) in the Russian higher educational institutions. Their age should preferably not exceed 35 years.

      It is necessary for all candidates to undergo the medical examination. including HIV Blood Test, and a certificate indicating that their health permits them to stay in the Russian climate. In case health reasons prevent an admitted candidate from studying in the Russian Federation, he/she will have to leave Russia, providing that the travelling expenses are to be paid by the sending Side.

      Each candidate for admission to the Russian higher educational institutions should submit to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation through the Russian Embassy the following documents in English, composing his/her Personal File:

      1. An Application Form (a copy of which both in English and Russian languages is enclosed herewith) with indication of the full name of the chosen speciality.

      2. Duly certified copy of Educational Certificate/Diploma, marks on each subject indicated.

      3. A Health Certificate issued by the officially authorised Medical Bodies of the RSA.

      4. The Result of HIV Blood Test duly certified by the relevant official Medical Bodies of the RSA.

      5. A certified true copy of the Birth Certificate.

      6. Six (6) passport size photos (4X6).

      The candidates for admission to the post-graduate course of study are to submit the duly certified copies of their Master's degree Diploma (in Science or in Arts) together with the Full Record of subjects studied, marks on each subject indicated and a list of publications (if there are any).

      The dates of arriving in the Russian Federation for these candidates who has been admitted to the Russian higher educational institutions:

  • preparatory faculties - from September I till September 15;
  • post-graduate courses and familiarisation courses - before December 1.

      The candidates admitted to the higher educational institutions of Russia (who are not on a contract basis) are provided by the Russian Side with:

      1) bursaries in the same amount as for the Russian students, post-graduates and familiarisation students (for the students - an equivalent of minimum salary, that is 83,5 roubles in December, 1997), for post-graduates -250,5 roubles;

      2) hostels with the same amount of fees as for the Russian students, post-graduates and familiarisation students;

      3) medical care in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

      The Russian Side does not provide for travel expenses of candidates to the place of studies in Russia and from there back upon completion of the studies.

      The admitting Russian higher educational institutions are not responsible for scholars' families staying in Russia.


      Recommendations given to candidates for admission by the Russian Ministry of General and Professional Education.

      The students coming to Russia are supposed to:

  • have proper clothes for all seasons, including warm clothes for autumn and winter;
  • have at least $100 (or other hard currency of the same amount) to get from airport to the place of study;
  • have at least $100 per month for personal needs, because the amount of scholarship (bursary) has been established at the level of minimum monthly salary in Russia by the 1st of December 1997.
  • have enough money to get back home upon completion of the studies in Russia, or in case of a serious illness or under other unforeseen circumstances (or to have guarantees from the sending side that the travel expenses back home will be covered).

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