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Doctorantura (doctoral studies)

The academic degree doctor of science is the highest degree officially acknowledging the academic status. The degree is awarded in a concrete strictly regulated field of science, for example technical, physico-mathematical, philosophical, pedagogical etc. That is why the holder of the academic degree is officially called not just doctor of science, but doctor of technical science, doctor of physico-mathematical science etc.

In order to get academic degree of doctor of sciense one should have an academic degree of candidate of science, defend a doctor dissertation, pass the defense results confirmation in the Higher Attestation Comission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, who officially award the required degree.

In order to present a doctor dissertation a citizen of a CIS country, who have received a candidate degree neither in the USSR, nor in Russia, has to pass a reattestation procedure (for Belarus citizens - a nostrificaton procedure) for an academic degree of candidate of science in VAK and to present a received diploma to the dissertation council in the institute of defense. As for the rest for citizens of CIS countries the order of presentation a thesis for defence is the same as for the citizens of the Russian Federation.

A doctor dissertation should be a scientific qualification project, where one of the listed below results is obtained on basis of research made by the author:

- theoretical theses, an aggregate of which could be qualified as a great scientific achievement, are developed;
- a great scientific problem of social and cultural or economic significance is solved;
- scientifically proved technical, economical and technological solutions, application of which makes a great contribution to the development of the country's economy, are stated.

A competitor for the academic degree doctor of science presents a dissertation as a specially prepared manuscript, a scientific paper or a published monograph. A dissertation should be written independently, contain an aggregate of new scientific results and theses that are submitted by the author for a public defense, have an internal unity and acknowledges author's personal contribution to science. New solutions advanced by the author should be strictly argued and critically estimated in comparison with other known solutions. A dissertation with applied significance should contain information about practical use of scientific results achieved by the author, and a dessertation with theoretical value should contain recommendations for application of scientific deduction.

A dissertation design should meet the demands stated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. As a rule one should write a dissertation in the Russian language. In order to decide a question of possibility to present a dissertation, written not in Russian, a dissertation counsil directs a motivated application to the Higher Attestation Commission or VAK.

A doctor dissertation in a form of a scientific paper, prepared by an applicant on basis of an aggregate of applicant's earlier publshed scientific and development projects in a corresponding field of study of great importance for science and praxis, is a brief summary of research and development results known to a broad section of specialists. A defense of a doctor dissertation in a form of a scientific paper take place by authority of a n Expert council of VAK on basis of Dissertation Counsil application. A presentation order of such application is stated by the Statute of the Dissertation Counsil.

A dissertatation in a form of a monograph is a science book edition, containing a profound and comprehensive research of a thesis that has passed a scientific review and meets the criteria stated by the Statute of Academic Degrees Awarding.

A dissertation is defended in a speciality according to accepted in Russia nomenclature of scientist specialities.

The main dissertation results should be published. VAK determines and periodically corrects the List of Russian reviewed and foreigh journals and editions, where main scientific results of a dissertation should be published.

A defence of a dissertation is normally hold in dessertation counsils in Russian. But a defense in a foreign language is possible either. The terms and order of such a defense are stated in the Statute of Academic Degrees Awarding.

The work on a doctor dissertation is carried out through doctorantura or doctoral studies in universities and scientific research institutions of the Russian Federation. You can find more detailed information at websites of these institutions and at the VAK website.

Source by Prof. Doctor of technical Science Domrachev V.G.,
Prof. Doctor of technical Science Retinskaya I.V.

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