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Long Live Competition!

The Institute for International Education under Tomsk Polytechnic University does its utmost to make students' life more interesting and to reach the main goal of international students at the same time, which is to develop scientific and creative potential.

And the I All-Russia Competition of Foreign Students and Postgraduate's Scientific and Creative Works of this year has contributed to it greatly. Among organizers of the Competition there were the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Education, Association of Foreign Students in Russia and Tomsk Polytechnic University. Special thanks to Tomsk and Tomsk region's authorities for their support.

Over 340 students from 53 higher educational institutions of Russia representing 50 countries of the world participated in the Competition. There were submitted 244 works, among which 50 were creative and 194 - scientific. The Competition, no doubt, is a significant event not only for Tomsk Polytechnic University but the whole of Russia. The Competition consisted of two rounds and was crowned with a two-day exhibition of works which was also attended by participants from other cities such as Moscow, St-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Tambov, Volgograd, Ufa, Cheliabinsk and Kazan'.

The grand opening took place on the 10th May at 14.00 in International Cultural Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University. The audience was addressed by TPU pro-rector for studies Irina E. Nikulina, IIE director Tatiana S. Petrovskaya, President of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia Gabriel Anicet Kotchofa, the head of the International Education Department at the Administration for International Education and Cooperation of the Federal Agency for Education Alexander V. Soloviev, the head adviser to the education and instruction department in the field of human rights under the Office of the Representative on human rights in the RF Svetlana P. Kalinina. They mentioned the importance of the event to support creative and scientific initiative of foreign students and create their positive image. During the ceremony visitors of the exhibition got acquainted with the displays - works by students both disposed on the stands and displayed on computers. A beautifully designed catalogue added to their impressions. Besides every one had an opportunity to vote for his or her favourite creative work.

On the 11th May 2007 in International Cultural Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University the Organizers of the I All-Russia Competition of Foreign Students and Postgraduate's Scientific and Creative Works solemnly announced the results. Acting Mayor of Tomsk Igor N. Shaturny thanked Tomsk Polytechnic University for organizing such an immense event at the All-Russia level. Honourable guests from Moscow backed him up and highly spoke of Tomsk, Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Institute for International Education.

All the students who had submitted their works to the Competition received diplomas of participants in various nominations. Most significant works were awarded special prizes. Thus Famm Kann Newng (TPU, Vietnam) received a prize from the governor of Tomsk region in the nomination "For topical and practical significance for the sphere of technics". Abdelgany Husam who submitted the film "Musing at Abel's Grave" (St-PbSU, Syria), was awarded a special prize by Organizing Committee of the Competition in the nomination "For human approach to arts". The super-prize, a statuette of Greek goddess Nike, in the nomination "For versatility of creation" was awarded to Nguen Thui Tiung (TPU, Vietnam), the author of a number of photos and "Coming to know IIE" book.

A storm of applause by admirers of his works followed the presentation of the prize of the audience sympathies to Abnavas Muaz Mohammad Abdullah (SibSMU, Jordan) for the poem "I do not love you. I won't be your wife".

A special prize from Greek autonomy was given to Andrulla Polykarp (TSACU, Cyprus) "For fruitful alliance of creative and scientific knowledge". In the nomination "For contribution to intercultural interaction of students from different countries" "Multicultural Tomsk" organization presented a football ball to Du Zhui (TSTU, China) who had submitted "Site-Building by the Example of Association of Foreign Students in Tambov 'New Forces'".

As it could be expected on such an event the presentation of prizes was accompanied with brilliant concert items. In the festive climate participants and guests of the Competition shared their impressions with each other.

Here are some of them:

Alexander V. Soloviev (the head of the International Education Department at the Administration for International Education and Cooperation of the Federal Agency for Education):

"To say that this action came off successfully is to say nothing. Both the last-year Festival and the All-Russia Competition today are a great experience not only for Tomsk but also for the whole of Russia. To unite science and arts is always difficult but here, in IIE, they managed to do it skillfully and wittily. Russia has never hosted an event of such a scale as yet; no one higher educational institution has done as much for their foreign students. That's why it was quite right to call the action not simply the All-Russia Competition, but the First All-Russia Competition of Scientific and Creative Works.
"Participants could have submitted their works of any genre. I'm very satisfied that, as soon as the idea appeared, it was backed up by every one including TPU rector Yury P. Pokholkov. Tomsk Polytechnic very quickly occupied the niche which none of Russian universities had occupied for many years before that, although there are over 100 000 foreign students studying in Russian universities nowadays and all of them are talented and have lively imagination and minds. Many of them are not students yet but do already have scientific works. And what would be when they are learning a trade? Holding such actions helps us to trace students' talents beginning with preparation level and up to DSc degree. Coming back to their cities and their native countries the participants, no doubt, will share their impressions and thus will provide us with an effective advertisement, what, in its turn, will allow to attract even more participants next year.
"Besides, such actions help to organize students' spare time who sit in lecture-halls all day long, studying academic subjects. Those, who participated in the Competition, will differ from those who spend their spare time in the street paying little attention to arts and science.
"I'm thankful to TPU for the conditions they offer to hold actions where students can express themselves on the All-Russia level. Tomsk Polytech has undertaken a very difficult job and great responsibility; people here understand that they should be conducted and do it successfully. Good luck and further success in support of educating overseas students to Tomsk, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Institute for International Education! And Federal Agency for Education is ready to back them up in it. "Annually we enroll foreign students from 120 countries of the world and we expect increase in number of participants next year. We are sure that next year the halls of ICC TPU will be not enough to accommodate the All-Russia Competition' 2008. It occurred to us today to send gratifying letters to parents of excellent students and participants of the actions to make them proud of their sons and daughters. We sincerely want the students to know that their contribution will be appreciated and the administration board of Tomsk Polytechnic in the person of prorector for studies I.E. Nikulina endorsed the idea of course."

Gabriel Anicet Kotchofa (President of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia):

"In the city of Tomsk and in the Institute for International Education of TPU they can organize an event so as to make it a stunning success. Both the Festival of last year and the All-Russia Competition' 2007 surely were conducted on a high level and I'm thankful to the organizers of the action and I'm proud that I myself am among the organizers, too. Such events are very important for foreign students, because Russia is a different country with its own customs, traditions, culture and they have to live and learn here using not their native language, and such events unite the youth from different countries and make their life more interesting. The city of Tomsk has all the conditions to organize such events: here belongs both a scientific potential, and an ability to target globally and hit the target, and its infrastructure. The IIE staff is always ready to make studying interesting for foreign students, support the latter and find out their talents. I would like the foreign students very much to understand that Russia is not only Moscow and St-Petersburg, but also the Siberia. We will be delighted to welcome next year even more participants because 'it's better to see once than to hear a hundred of times'. I'm sure that the students who will by right be called participants of Competition' 2008, will want to study here and become TPU's alumni."

Kalinina Svetlana P (the head adviser to the education and instruction department in the field of human rights under the Office of the Representative on human rights in the RF):

"It's not the first action of the scale to be held in TPU and the city of Tomsk. Last year I was lucky enough to participate in the All-Russia Festival. Both the Festival and the All-Russia Competition of scientific and creative works by foreign students went to great advantage. Both the organizers and students and guests were contented with them. Events of this kind certainly promote intercourse of representatives of different countries and consolidate their friendship. I'm very glad that the rector of Tomsk Polytechnic always welcomes an opportunity to organize an event for overseas students. And of course what's most important in Tomsk and in IIE TPU there is a possibility and willingness to conduct such events. As soon as I came to the Competition I was absorbed in the atmosphere of love, friendship and positive emotions. I was delighted to come to Tomsk again like everyone in our delegation was. After the success of the Festival we did not hesitate that the All-Russia Competition would be held under the same applause and we all would say once again: 'Tomsk and the Institute for International Education of TPU can, is willing to, do and will organize such actions!' I'm sure in a very few years it will become an international movement and the Competition will be held in several rounds. I adore the courage of the 'constructors' of this event - good luck and endless success to them!"

Andrey V. Dobrovolsky (Member of the Association for International Cooperation of Technical Universities of Central and East Europe, dean for work with international students of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, professor):

"I participated in the Festival last year and in the All-Russia Competition' 2007. Organizing such actions is a very responsible thing and a necessary one for foreign students. Because they come from different countries with absolutely different traditions what courses stresses and upsets. They should communicate, share their experience, and learn something new about their colleagues. To organize such events is to give them an opportunity to do it.
"3 students and 2 postgraduate students from Vietnam, Palestine and Latvia have come along with me and they are very contented and I strongly hope that this trend - to expose talents - has been just started in TPU."

Sergey A. Gajvoronsky (ACEF TPU dean):

"I'm very satisfied with the action: it is undoubtedly necessary to develop scientific and creative potential of foreign students. It promotes peoples' friendship, communication and exchange of experience as well as stimulates Russian students.
I'm proud that our university is a pioneer in conducting such great actions as the Festival last year and the Competition of this year. Nevertheless it puts on us certain obligations and responsibility. TPU has been and is able to conduct every event on the highest level possible and it is always ready to important novations of any sort".

Sukh Uyanga (SibSMU student, Mongolia):

"I'm very glad that this event has taken place and that I've had a unique chance to submit here my work 'The Traditional Mongolian Medicine'. I participated in the Festival' 2006 last year. I'm sure that such actions are inevitable both for us, foreign students, and for Russia as a whole. Our institute seldom holds such events, but if it does I do my best to take part in it, course I write an article, and it's interesting to me to share my experience with other participants, and in the future I will do graduate work. Participation in the Competition will do me good. Besides, I like the city of Tomsk very much; the Siberian youth and my classmates are all my friends. If I have a chance I will participate in the Competition many and many times again. I also want to thank my academic adviser and my teachers."

Hien (TPU student, Vietnam):

"I think I'm lucky to be a TPU student: it's funny and great to learn here, because a great deal of interesting and useful events for overseas students take place here. The Competition was necessary both for TPU and for Tomsk, and for Russia. We, foreign students, got a chance to exhibit ourselves on the All-Russia level. These actions help students to do their graduate work. Both the Festival last year and the Competition' 2007 proved useful. I submitted both a scientific and a creative works. They were a poem and what directly deals with the theme of my degree work. Such events promote strengthening of friendly relations of students from different countries and help to develop universities' partnership. Every on in our group is on friendly terms with each other and we like to learn here. I'm already in my 5th year but if I just can I will certainly come back and take part in the Competition' 2008! My heartfelt gratitude to our teachers and to Samborskaya Marina Anatolievna."

Van (IrSTU student, Vietnam):

"Organization of such events is necessary for foreign students. We've had a splendid chance to demonstrate ourselves and represent our works. I submitted a creative work - "A Smile", a video clip. I was pleased to learn what other students go in for; we shared our experience with one another. If I had a chance I will sure participate in such actions in the future."

Thus, the All-Russia Competition of Scientific and Creative works is over, but still it will live in the memory of its organizers and participants for a long time. It has really evoked widespread responses in the international environment of Russian universities; lots of overseas students took part in it with pleasure and demonstrated their talents. The result once more convinces us that such actions are very important, that they promote the strengthening of friendship and communication between peoples of different countries and leads to solution of worldwide problems.

It's a great fortune that such an action has taken place. Undoubtedly, it's an Event (with a capital E) for the city of Tomsk, for Tomsk Polytechnic and for the whole of our country. It's fortunate that the action was such a success and initiated a tradition to conduct the All-Russia Competition of Scientific and Creative Works by Foreign Students of TPU on an annual basis.

Long Live All-Russia Competition!

Source: the Organizing Commettee of the Competition

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