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"Revision of Social Policy in Post-Soviet Space: ideologies, actors and cultures"

10.03.2010 15:57

Revision of Social Policy in Post-Soviet Space: ideologies, actors and cultures
a series of teaching seminars and summer schools for teachers and graduate students
from regional institutions of higher education in the CIS and Baltic states

arranged by the Center for Social Policy and Gender Studies with support of HESP Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching, in association with the Department of Social Anthropology and Social Work at Saratov State Technical University and the Departments of Sociology and Social Policy at State University - Higher School of Economics in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The goal of this project is to help young university teachers to improve their lecture courses and develop research skills in the field of social policy by incorporating into curriculum and research phenomenological and social critical frameworks, qualitative methodology of policy studies, new teaching methods and materials as well as to stimulate the dialogue between the teachers and researchers from different disciplines (social work, sociology, public administration, political science, history, cultural and gender studies, anthropology), countries (post-Soviet and Western) and generations (young teachers and senior scholars).

Seminars topics, date and place:
The project consists of three summer seminar and two winter seminars.
1. The critique of traditional approaches to social policy studies. Introduction to micro- perspective of social policy studies (Summer 2010, Saratov)
2. Ideology and history of social policy in post-Soviet space (Winter 2010, St Petersburg)
3. Qualitative design of social policy research: case studies of welfare provision for gender and ethnic minorities (Summer 2011, St Petersburg).
4. Case studies of exclusion/inclusion effects of social policies towards poor and people with disabilities (Winter 2012, Saratov)
5. Visual studies and discourse analysis: (re)imagining social policy (Winter 2013, Saratov)

Working languages: English and Russian

The project is open for young lecturers specializing in various areas related to the issues of social policy, including social problems, social work, gender studies and cultural studies of inequalities, history, social anthropology and sociology of welfare policies and public movements, human rights of minorities and other social groups experiencing social exclusion (youth, poverty, ethical, religious and sexual minorities, people with disabilities), and conducting their own research. Applicants are expected to be motivated towards critical rethinking of their teaching practices, development/restructuring of the courses relevant for the topic of the project, to be actively engaged in research in the field of the project, and to be ready to share the results of their work with their colleagues in order to create multiplicative effect from the project. They are expected to participate in all seminars and inter-sessions activities of entire duration of the project.

Specific eligibility criteria:
To be a university lecturer (under 40) in areas of social policy, social work, sociology, anthropology and history of minorities, gender studies and the like
To come from the FSU countries
To possess command of English sufficient for reading texts, writing papers, listening to lectures and participating in academic discussions on the subject.

Applicants are invited to submit the following documents:
Completed application form (in English)
CV (in English)
Written paper (an essay, article, research paper or conference paper) on the topic relevant to the general theme of the project (in English or Russian)
Course syllabus currently given or planned in the discipline related to the project topic (in English or Russian)

Costs: The program covers costs of travel, meals and accommodation for the participants.

Application documents must be submitted by 20 April 2010
Competition results will be announced after 10 May 2010
First Summer school: 26 June - 6 July 2010 (tentative)

Contact information:
If you have any questions please send an e-mail to Larisa Shpakovskaya at
Application documents should be sent by e-mail to Larisa Shpakovskaya at by 20 April 2010.

Project management:
Academic director - Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova
Administrative director, project co-ordinator - Larisa Shpakovskaya

Application form



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