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Russian Language and Culture Summer School 2011

06.04.2011 12:24

Have a true taste of what life is like in Siberian summer. Spend Summer in Siberia!

If You are:

  • energetic and strive to achieve goals in your life

  • young and have an inquiring nature

  • eager to broaden your social network

  • love traveling and learning languages

  • interested in history of peoples of the North (Khanty, Mansi, the Selkup) and the mystery of Kulay culture.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to spend 4 unforgettable weeks in Summer school 2011

Summer School in Tomsk is:

  • immensely engaging and successful learning of Russian language in Russian speaking environment, interaction with native speakers.

  • acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions (exclusive nesting dolls (matreshkas) painting workshop - bring a souvenir from Russia made by your own hands)

  • exceptional recreation, good weather, comfortable hostel for international students where you can build an everlasting network.

Summer School in July/August 2011


Duration of the course - 4 weeks

Start Dates: 04.07.2011, 01.08.2011

Language of instruction - Russian

Group - 5 people and more

A certificate after completion

Programme for the Summer School

Unit 1. Russian language

  • formation and development of communicative skills,

  • acquiring of grammatical, lexical skills,

  • understanding of everyday texts in Russian language,

  • linguistic and cultural studies.

Unit 2. Exciting cultural program

Diverse cultural programme: sight-seeing escorted tours. During the programme you are offered to visit:

  • Obruchev Museum of TPU (fine collection of Siberian minerals).

  • Museum of Slavic Mythology (get to the heart of mysterious world of fairy tales, bylinas, legends and ancient history of almighty Slavic deities).

  • Exhibition "Once upon a time" (everyday and cultural traditions of indigenous peoples of Siberia).

  • Kulay Culture Exhibition (discover the mystery of Kulay cultural community lived in the territory of Siberia in the I century B.C. - I century A.C.)

  • Tomk History Museum (visit a fascinating exposition "the Ist century of Tomsk" as well as get an exceptional opportunity to clime up an observation site - former fire-tower - the highest built viewing point in Tomsk)

  • Tomsk Memorial Museum of Political Repression History (rebuilt prison hall, restored interior of remand prison cells of the Great Purge time).

  • Museum of Forest History (the exhibition presents information about forest, flora and fauna, it reveals past and present of forestry of Tomsk oblast).

  • The Museum of Wooden Architecture (In a peasant-house styled room besides peasant cooking outfit one can see an interesting collection of oven doors of XIX-XX cc as well as a collection of Tula tea-urns of different shapes and design).

  • Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum (ancient Nature and History Sanctuary comprises of 280 cave drawings, many of which are unique and are masterpieces of pristine art of Eurasia peoples. The earliest refer to the end of the Neolithic age (3-4 thousand years B.C.))

  • Sculptor Usov's Workshop (visit Leonty Usov's Workshop - a Tomsk sculptor who possesses his unique idiom, differing by courageous decisions and an astonishing stretch of imagination. Exhibitions of his works are held all over the world).

  • Motor-boating down the Tom River (discover vivid landscape of the River).

Fill in an on-line application form till 1st May, 2011,, +7-3822-563-304


Summer School Tuition fee for 4 weeks - 757 Euro

Unit 1 - Russian Language - 440 Euro

Unit 2 - Exciting cultural program - 60 Euro (The price depends on the places which you choose to visit. You pay it on-the-spot)

Accommodation at International students' hostel - 33 Euro

Three meals a day at Hostel's canteen - 224 Euro (8 Euro a day)

Students about their experience in Summer school 2010:

Jacopo Nardiello, Italy

I have been learning Russian for 1 month now. I started from the very beginning - I studied for 1 week before I came here. About my Russian teacher - she is nice, she is great really. She understood properly the level. IT is just me and a French guy. She is driving us in a Russian language properly. It is difficult, but it works. The arrangement, the organization is great. I would say problems always happen. But you should consider how the university helps facing them. And I can say that here everybody helped me a lot in all the small steps.

Petr Lhotka, the Czech Republic

I'd been learning Russian for 4 year at school before I came here. And now I realized that it is much better to learn language here in Russia than in the Czech Republic. It is much easier to learn Russian in Russia. In the Czech Republic it is 45 minutes of a lesson. And here you can practice what you have just learned in your class. Russian language all day long.

Broaden your Horizons together with Tomsk Polytechnic University!

Contact information
Admission Office
The Institute for International Education and Language Communication
Tomsk Polytechnic University
30 Lenina Prospect
Tomsk, 634034, Russia
Tel./fax: + 7 (3822) 563-304



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