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"Russian World Foundation" gets going

03.11.2011 17:32

The 5th assembly of the Russian World Foundation will open in St. Petersburg on Thursday. The foundation has been implementing various projects since 2007 when it was established under a decree by the Russian President. It's aimed at popularizing Russian culture and language and supporting language teaching programmes in various countries.

It's symbolic that this assembly is held in St. Petersburg where Peter the Great introduced the tradition of holding assemblies in Russia regularly. In fact, all the previous meetings of the compatriots of the "Russian World" were held in Moscow. The World Russian Language Festival, which is being held in St. Petersburg from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November, has prompted the organizers of the event to choose this venue, says head of the "Russian World" Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov.

"It is a festival where school children and students across the world are participating. Many representatives and the winners of competitions will attend the assembly. I believe that we will select different venues to stage the assemblies in the future because Russia is a vast country. The Russian world includes not only Moscow and St. Petersburg but also other cities in the country," says Vyacheslav Nikonov.

Concerning the changes that have been taken place in the "Russian World", in this case the foundation and people, in the past five years Vyacheslav Nikonov has this to say.

"The foundation has strengthened and the number of its centres abroad has increased. These centres are functioning in 78 large libraries and leading universities in the world and about 50 offices of the "Russian World" have been opened. The foundation and its presence across the world have grown. As a whole, we see a large number of favourable tendencies. We have received various information concerning new Russian schools and the upgrade of the status of Russian language in some countries. For one, the ballot papers of the previous congressional elections in the state of New York were printed also in the Russian language, which has become one of the official languages in the state. Developments show that the Russian language is gaining momentum in the world. In the 90s, people ignored the Russian language but the current situation is entirely different. The number of people who wish to learn Russian language or preserve it is undoubtedly growing," says Vyacheslav Nikonov.

Concerning the motto of the fifth assembly Vyacheslav Nikonov has this to say.

"This year, our assembly will be devoted to the Russian language, its present and future status. We plan to hold two round table conferences, one on the contemporary state of the Russian language and the other on the Year of Russian History, says Vyacheslav Nikonov.

Concerning memorable events that will be marked in the future, Vyacheslav Nikonov has this to say.

These events are the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Patriotic War of 1612. We will commemorate the events that took place 399 years ago on the 4th of November, the National Unity Day and next year - the events that took place 400 years ago. Moreover, the next year is the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood. I believe that this should be the Eastern Slavic statehood rather than the statehood of our country because 1150 years ago, Kiev was the capital of the ancient country, the Kievan Rus. This was a common state for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. This should be the holiday of Eastern Slavic unity and brotherhood. I believe that the entire world of our compatriots who live outside Russia should be common for all and they should feel that they are part of it, Vyacheslav Nikonov said.

Source: Voice of Russia

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