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Open Competition of Educational Tourist Routes O C E T R - 2012

26.03.2012 15:09

From 15th of June till 30th of November 2012 there is carried out International Open Competition of Tourist Routes "OCETR-2012".
Organizers and partners of competition:

    • Academician Y.A.Buketov Karaganda State University (Kazakhstan);
    • European Association of Students and Entrepreneurs (Czech Republic);
    • Central European Educational Institution (Slovak Republic);
    • Kherson State University (Ukraine);
    • Sent Istvan University (Hungary);
    • M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan);
    • Omsk State Pedagogic University (Russia).
    • Terra Tavrida (Ukrania);
    • University of International and Public Relations in Prague (Czech Republic);
    • Ural State Economic University (Russia);

Aim of competition: creation of relevant international educational tourist routes net and support of youth tourist initiatives directed towards widening of intercultural communication, historical regional values propaganda, exchange of knowledge in field of education, modern technologies, studies of local lore, ecology, psychology and archeology, development of mutually beneficial international cooperation for realization of joint projects and programmes in field of tourism.
Competition work languages: English, Russian.
Informational support of competition is provided by international scientific journal "Education and Science without Borders" (
For purpose of participation in competition students, teachers, members and representatives of social youth organizations, associations, clubs, tourist agencies and international offices workers are invited. Participants of competition has to be not younger than 18. Competition is carried out between individual participants and teams. Teams are formed by 2 or 3 persons. Teams may include representatives of different organizations, regions, countries. Competitive proposals might be as of commercial, so of non-commercial nature. For participation in competition has to be presented tourist routes that make provision for visiting of number of historical, architectural, cultural, spiritual, natural and other sightseeing, technical buildings, united by general subject direction.
For participation in competition are allowed routes in description of which subject direction is clearly stated, target group is defined, reasoning for choose of participating areas and its characteristics are represented, route length and travel order on it is depicted, existing tourist infrastructure is described and necessary economical calculations on expenses for organization of educational tour on chosen route were made. Organizers welcome projects containing interregional and international tourist routes. 30 best routes will be included into International Tourist Educational Routes Atlas. Best routes will be defined by means of expert assessment. Organizers will propose trip on one of routes included International Tourist Atlas to applicants with three best educational tourist routes proposed.

Main dates:

25th of March 2012


first Informational message about carrying out of International Open Competition of Educational Tourist Routes "OCETR-2012";

30th of March - 10th of April 2012


preliminary registration of competition participants, representation of short projects annotation;

10th of June 2012


competition participants registration close;

1st of July - 30th of July 2012


presentation of slide presentation of competition routes and its economical reasoning;

2nd of August 2012


second Informational message about carrying out International open Competition of Educational Tourist Routes "OCETR-2012";

20th of September 2012


final term of presentation of competition documents;

20th of September - 20th of October 2012


expertise of competition tourist routes;

30th of November 2012


announcement of competition results and conclusion of agreements with winners on publication of authors routes in International Educational Routes Atlas.

Organizational fee for competition participants is:
35 euro for individual participants;
40 euro for teams.

Registration form of OCETR-2012 competition participant
(For teams registration form is filled in separately for each participant. All registration forms of team members has to be converted into one file and has to be named in following way:
Name of contact person_ocetr_2012.rar or
Surname of contact
Files with registration forms of individual participants have to be named in following way:
Surname of contact person_ocetr_2012.doc.

1. Participation form::
○ - individual;
○ - team
2. Name and surname______________________ ___________________________________
3. Country_____________ ____________________________________________
4. Name of university/organization __________________________________
5. Post address of university/organization _________________________________
6. Studying specialty, course/Position__________________________
7. Contact information:
8. Name of project and its abbreviation : _____________ ______________
9. Short annotation of project (up to 1000 symbols)_______ __________

Requirements for design of competition projects

  1. Project annotation has to be filled in on English or Russian languages with size not more than 1000 symbols. Annotation has to contain description of main idea of project, its topical trend, define target group, give list of main places for attendance and their short characteristics, outline seasonality of route and its geographical characteristics (country, region, city, district, etc.).
  2. Competition project has to be arranged with taking into consideration following technical requirements: text description of competition project is typed in MS Word editor, capacity is up to 12 pages, A4 format, font size is 12, interlinear interval is sesquialteral. Margins: 30 mm upper, 25 mm lower, 35 mm left, 15 mm right.

Name of project is typed on the middle with upper-case letters, font characteristics: Times New Roman (bold), font size is 14. Two lines lower there is typed Name (-s) (full), Father's Name (-s) (first letter and dot), Surname (-s) (full) of project authors (recommended font is Times New Roman (bold, italics), font size is 12). Through interval in the middle there is typed name of organization/university, that authors represent, post contact address, electronic address of author, with whom correspondence will be performed (recommended font type is Times New roman, font size is 12).
Project illustrations are made in following formats: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tif*, .al, *.eps, *.gif and has to have extension not less than 300 dpi/inch. Maximum number of illustrations has to be 20. Photographs has to be contrasting with clear drawn details, without any labels. Each illustration is saved on separate file. Names of files with illustrations there is indicated abbreviation of project and number of illustration. Labels to illustrations are represented in separate file, in name of which has to be abbreviation of project and number of illustration. Labels of illustrations are represented in separate files in name of which has to be presented abbreviation of project.
Project description has not contain abbreviated words or little known abbreviations. Used indications has to be deciphered in text at first mentioning. Dimension of all physical disciplines has to require to International system of measuring units (MU).

  1. Presentation of project has to be in .ppt format. It has to contain not more than 40 slides. Graphical presentations have same requirements as was described above.

Contact information:
Academician Y.A.Buketov Karaganda State University
28 Universitetskaya street, 100028, Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
Contact person: Karstina Svetlana Gennad'evna, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, associated professor, chief of Postgraduate Education and International Programmes Department
Tellephone: + 7 7212 770136
Fax: +7 7212 770384

Requisites for payment of organizational costs:

IBAN: CZ5755000000007660059990
Account name: Slovakova Viktorija
Bank address: Na Příkop.

More information: Annual International Open Competition

See also: Omsk State Pedagogical University

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