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The first-ever APEC Youth Summit to be run by FEFU students

05.06.2012 10:33

From the 2nd to the 4th September 2012 younger generation representatives from Asia-Pacific countries will be able to take part in APEC Youth summit for the first time. This initiative has been put forward by the students of the Far Eastern Federal University.

Natalia Stapran, expert at Russian Center on APEC Studies, says that this year Russia has for the first time proposed to significantly advance the youth involvement within APEC in contrast to youth agendas presented by APEC Voices of the future programme between 1998 and 2011. As a result of this effort the APEC Youth Summit this time will be an independent event having its own work programme.
An initiative group of FEFU's students has undertaken to develop the agenda and the concept of the first Youth Summit content. Its main goal is to come up with a youth declaration to be presented to the leaders of APEC member economies. It is envisaged to set up four working groups for the priority topics of APEC-2012 including:

  • Trade and investment liberalization and regional economic integration;
  • Enhancement of food security;
  • Shaping reliable transport and logistics links;
  • Active cooperation to ensure innovative growth.

During the Youth Summit 120 best youth representatives aged from 18 to 25 will come to FEFU from APEC member economies. The work will include debate sessions and economic quests. The participants will meet politicians, businessmen, science and culture people from Asia-Pacific countries and gain experience in diplomatic dialogue and interaction with active and potential leaders.
The delegations from the 20 invited member economies shall be formed through national selections. After receiving the information letter from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs each APEC member economy shall hold a national selection and form youth delegations consisting of five members from a country. After the national selections the countries shall send the Youth Summit organizing committee their delegates lists after which all the delegates shall start preparing for the Summit within its thematic issues.
APEC Youth Summit has emerged as a result of both FEFU's three-year participation in APEC Voices of the Future programme and its experience in organizing events devoted to similar subject matter. "I am sure that the students of our university will be able to fully implement the experience acquired by FEFU to the benefit of the young from Russia and Asia-Pacific countries. Moreover, thanks to this programme youth leaders will be able to put forward real proposals for the region's development and improve their diplomatic and management skills", says Andrey Babko, FEFU's Vice-President for International Affairs.
APEC Youth Summit is organized by Far Eastern Federal University, Federal Agency on Youth Affairs and Model United Nations on the Russian Far East with the support of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Center on APEC Studies, Russian International Affairs Council, and the Administration of Primorsky Region.

About APEC Youth Summit
Applications for the participation in APEC Youth Summit are accepted from April, 1 to May, 25 2012. The contest to form national delegations is open to all candidates aged between 18 and 25. The selection of participants is based on the four APEC's priority topics: transport, small and medium enterprises, energy, and agro-technical cooperation.
APEC Youth Summit will help participants gain diplomatic experience and meet politicians, businessmen, experts, science and culture people from Asia-Pacific countries. The head of the APEC Youth Summit organizing committee is Alexandra Tatomir, one of FEFU's students.

About FEFU
Far Eastern Federal University is one of the federal universities which are to form the elite of the Russian higher education. FEFU was established under a decree of Russia's President in October, 2009 on the basis of four leading universities of the Far East having a history of more than 120 years. FEFU's development strategy includes the creation of an internationally recognized science and education center to represent Russia in Asia-Pacific region. The university's priority development programs are "World ocean resources", "Energy resources and energy-saving technologies", "Nano-systems and nano-materials industry", "Transportation and logistics", "Russia's interaction with APR countries", and "Biomedicine"

The unique educational environment that is being created on Russky Island (the city of Vladivostok) will provide ideal opportunities for studying and making the most of people's creative potential. The new FEFU's campus will be open in September, 2012 immediately after the finish of the APEC Summit.

Source: FEFU


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