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Summer School of Russian Language and Country Studies

08.05.2013 10:09

Omsk State Pedagogical University welcomes international students to attend Russian Language and Country Studies Summer School.
Having extensive experience in training international students, OSPU provides a unique opportunity for students to study Russian during their summer vacations.

Course Description

The Intensive Russian Language Course was developed by the professionals at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, School of Philology, Omsk State Pedagogical University.

The summer course consists of the following parts:

  • August 1: day of arrival.
  • August 2: orientation session, test determining the level of Russian.
  • August 3 - 22: intensive course of Russian as a foreign language (30 hours per week), cultural activities and excursions.
  • August 20: final test of Russian.
  • August 22: award of certificates, official closing, farewell party.
  • August 23: day of departure.

In accordance with the level of Russian students are streamed at elementary, intermediate, advanced level groups.

Elementary/Beginner Level

The Elementary course is worked out to accommodate students with no previous knowledge or minimal knowledge of the Russian language. The objectives of the course are to acquaint students with the basics of Russian Phonetics and Grammar and develop elementary proficiency in four basic language skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Additional emphasis will be placed on developing verbal and non-verbal communicative skills necessary for successful intercultural interaction. The students will also master basic speech idioms used in everyday life.

After completion of this course a student is able to understand and employ common phrases and expressions necessary to solve a certain communicative task; to introduce himself/herself, to introduce somebody, to ask and answer questions about place of residence, friends, studies; to take part in a simple conversation.

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate course is developed for students with prior training in Russian; students taking this course are expected to be aware of the structure of Russian and command a certain vocabulary. During this course students review the basic grammatical and syntactical structures of the Russian language and acquire an active vocabulary. The successful completion of the course enables to communicate in everyday, social, cultural, educational and professional spheres.

Students who complete this course can apply for the Russian Language Training Program at OSPU.

Advanced Level

The Advanced course is developed for students who have prior training in Russian and are able to satisfy the requirements of communication with Russian people. The objectives of the course are to study complicated grammar material, to develop vocabulary through analysis of texts on various topics including journalistic articles.

On completion of this course a student is able to understand main ideas of reports; to easily communicate in various situations arising in the foreign country; to make a monologue describing his/her impressions, plans and events; to speak fluently and spontaneously.

Students who complete this course can apply for any of 9 Departments of OSPU.
On completion of the course students are awarded a certificate with 4 ETCS.

Orientation Session

On arrival in the City of Omsk the students take part in the orientation session to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Russian lifestyle, the structure of the course, climate and other necessary information regarding their stay in Omsk.

Cultural Activities

During the Course of Russian students will have an opportunity to go sightseeing, visit museums, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions and clubs.


Discounts on participation in Russian Language and Russian Studies Summer School are available for:

    1. Second-(or more) time participants.
    2. Students from partner-universities.

Required Documents

    3. Letter of Intention;
    4. Application form;
    5. Medical Certificate;
    6. Copy of Passport (page with the photo);
    7. Curriculum Vitae (including your educational background and employment information);
    8. Copy of Diploma, Academic Transcript, or Secondary School Certificate.

Deadline for submitting application documents is June 15, 2013.

Contact Details:
Phone: +7 (3812) 24-37-95
Fax: +7 (3812) 23-53-21
Source: Omsk State Pedagogical University


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