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TSU physicists became leaders in Russia in the number of papers published in the most authoritative citation database globally

05.11.2013 09:40

At the Russian Ministry of Science and Education, the results of the Federal Targeted Programme "Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of the Innovative Russia" for 2009 - 2013 have been summed up. As a result of the 4 year long implementation of the Programme, the TSU Scientific and Educational Centre "Fundamental and Mathematical Physics" has become the leader among all other centres across Russia in the number of articles published in top-rated journals indexed within Web of Science database (the most authoritative citation database in the world). The number of its scientific publications is 93.

"The produced results which are significant for the development of physics were highly assessed in the professional community," - this is how the Ministry described the work of Tomsk scholars.

The Scientific and Educational Centre "Fundamental and Mathematical Physics" was established in 2009 in the framework of the Federal Targeted Programme "Personnel" and it was then that it became the winner of the contest "The conduct of research by personnel of scientific and educational centres". The Centre was comprised of scholars at the Chairs of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Field Theory (TSU Faculty of Physics) and the Chairs of Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, Algebra, Theory of Functions at the TSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

- The key to this success is that people working at the Centre are actually those involved with science and writing and publishing their papers, - Head of the Centre and at the Chair of Quantum Field Theory, TSU Professor Vladislav Bagrov says. In this sense, the organization per se is not important to them as they have always worked this way. The Centre, though, helped concentrate research carried out by scholars at different chairs in one place and to create a coherent system of staff training as well as to resolve some financial matters.

More than half the people involved with the Centre are young people including not only young scholars and postgraduates but also students. And they are also among authors of publications. Generally, there are people belonging to several generations that work at the Centre and this is another part of the success as the continuity of links between generations in science ensures the continuity and development of research.

- Scholars-theorists' way of working with the youth is extremely simple - a theorist is "piece-goods" which means that the work is being done with everyone individually when a research adviser deals with his/her students "one-on-one". It is the only way to train a scholar and it cannot be done otherwise, - Vladislav Gavriilovich thinks.

Main research lines being developed at the Scientific and Educational Centre "Fundamental and Mathematical Physics" are quantum field theory, theory of relativistic radiation, mathematical physics, various special problems in mathematics (theory of entire functions etc.). Scholars regularly publish their research results in leading international scientific journals - Physical Review, Journal of High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Physics Letters, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Letters in Mathematical Physics. Within the Centre, there have been 5 grants won under the Federal Targeted Programme "Personnel".

Currently, National Foundation for Personnel Training (NFPK) acting as analytical directorate of the FTP "Personnel" is preparing for publication a collection of analytical materials which will, among other things, reflect the best practices of conducting research and educational projects by small research groups. The Head of the Centre, Vladislav Bagrov, and his colleagues received a proposal to share their experience in organizing scientific and educational centres and conducting research with the participation of young researchers and students.

For reference. Vladislav Gavriilovich Bagrov, TSU Professor, Head of the Chair of Quantum Field Theory leads the Tomsk school of theoretical physics. This school has repeatedly become winner of contests for state support of leading scientific schools, whereas a group of its physics-theorists is one of the leaders at TSU in the number of grants received at different contests as well as in that of publications in top-rated international journals.

Vladislav G. Bagrov's total citation index is over 2000. According to this index, he is included in the 1000 most cited scholars of Russia.



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