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Summer in Siberia 2014. North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

03.12.2013 09:32

Summer school program is designed specifically for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students interested in the issues of climate change and associated processes of permafrost landscapes transformation and adaptation of the natives to ongoing natural processes.

Learning objectives:

Promotion of natural science research, interdisciplinary research work of students on climate change;
Exchange of experience and best practices among the participants: students, postgraduate students, researchers;
Involvement of youth focused on research; preparation and testing of the reports and scientific works results for the participation in student conferences, young scientists conferences, receiving of grants.

The program offers a wide range of activities: lectures and seminars on climate science, permafrost studies, landscape science, biology and ecology of Yakutia (the coldest inhabited region in the world).

It includes practical studies during trips to the "Spasskaya Pad" research station of the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozon, the Lena Pillars Nature Park including visits to a bizonary (bison enclosure), "Diring Yuryakh" ancient encampment, the tukulans (Yakutian deserts), a field practice trip with the students of the Department of Geography to one of the districts of Central Yakutia to study permafrost landscapes, various excursions around Yakutsk.

We offer classes in two main units within the main subject of Climate Change: the Transformation of Landscapes and Adaptation of the Society summer school:

- The transformation of landscapes and related geosystems as a result of global warming

- Adaptation of society and native population to natural environment change

The units include the following possible lectures topics:

  • Geography of Yakutia
  • Permafrost Landscapes of Yakutia (Alases)
  • Climate Patterns and Climate Change Processes
  • Vegetation of Yakutia
  • Unique Fauna of Yakutia
  • Tukulans: Deserts of the North
  • Tourist and Recreational Resources of Yakutia
  • Adaptation of Native Population to Natural Environment Change
  • History of Yakutia and Ethnography
  • Mammoth Fauna of Yakutia
  • Etc.

Language of lectures and seminars: English, Russian with English interpretation

To undergo practical field studies it is necessary to bring a sleeping bag or a mattress, waterproof shoes, warm clothes, rain gear, insect repellent.

Upon summer school completion the students will get the certificates of NEFU international summer school participants.

Who can participate: Students who are interested in Russia's Arctic Region and have knowledge about affected landscape. The program is open to students interested in climate global change and northern regions issues.

Program credits: 4 ECTS

Arrival: July 13. 2014

Classes: July 14 - August 02. 2014

Departure: August 3. 2014

Participation fee:  900 (including classes with field trips and living in the "Spasskaya Pad" forest research station of the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone and a field trip to Lena Pillars)

Deadline for registration: 30.04.2014

Russian language and culture in Siberia

The objective of the course is to enable international students to develop creative approach in using communication skills in various life activities: education and professional activities, social and cultural spheres.

Teaching is based on productive and active method of teaching with elements of intensive methods of teaching. The basics of teaching: practical phonetics, communicative grammar, communicative practice. Active inclusion in the real communication environment will favor widening of cultural knowledge of language. The course implies correction of pronunciation as well as spontaneous speech practice. Communicative practice includes systematization and activisation of the vocabulary, skills of spontaneous speech, development of speech and writing skills on the basis of the texts on the Russian culture.

One of the specific features of a course is a minimal use of an intermediary language, and subsequently talking in the Russian language because new information - both grammar and lexis - is accumulated with the previous knowledge. Vocabulary kept by a student on every lesson allows to evaluate his level. The program involves meeting with interesting people, learning of a Russian language with a native speaker in Russian speaking environment. Upon completion of each module students are required to work out a project.

Who can participate: the program is open to undergraduate and graduate international students majoring in Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as to qualifying free-movers.

Program credits: 4 ECTS

Arrival: July 06 - 07.2014

Classes: July 08 - 28.2014

Departure: July 29 - 30.2014

Participation fee:  900 (including classes with field trips and stay in the village, tours and cultural activities)

Deadline for registration: 30.04.2014

Contacts:  International Office coordinator, Daria Burnasheva


Tel. +7(4112)361453

Cold Lands: Summer field school hosted by department of Northern studies

3-week program includes lectures, workshops and field work on physical geography, human geography, northern studies, resource management, biology, permafrost study. You can get a science view on interdisciplinary approach of northern studies, visit science laboratories, archaeological museums, zoology museums. You will have a great opportunity to take participation in summer filed school. Program includes: physical and human geography, flora and fauna of Yakutia, Geoinformation systems and Cartography, regional development and resource management, permafrost studies and landscape management, Social health of northern people.

Who can participate: international undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, scientists, teachers and researchers.

Instructors: high qualified university professors, researchers, scientists who have wide international fields work experience and participated in international programs.

Duration: 3 weeks

Program credits: 3 ECTS

Participation fee: 1000 $ (living, 3-meals a day, health/medical care, museums)

Deadline for registration: 30.03.2014

Contacts: Department of Northern studies NEFU, Irina Dranaeva


mobile: +7-924-868-2585   

More information about Summer School in our site:

Saurce: North-Eastern Federal University

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