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The "Poetry in University" Project has been launched in RosNOU

03.03.2014 14:49

On 4 February 2014 the first seminar of the "Poetry in University" course took place in Russian New University (RosNOU). This course is included into the program of the Faculty of Humanitarian Technologies of RosNOU as an optional subject and is devoted to studying the ways of literature development.

The presenters of the course are the Candidate of Philology Tatyana Borisovna Bonch-Osmolovskaya (a writer and a philologist), Igor Viktorovich Levshin (a poet and a literary critic), Igor Olegovich Syd (a poet and a literary critic, an organizer of cultural projects).
The seminar began from presentations of presenters and the reciting the pieces of their poetry.

- I will recite one poem in rhyme, - announced Tatyana Bonch-Osmolovskaya. And it was not a slip of the tongue or a joke. It appeared that a rhyme is not a compulsory sign of a poem. For example, in Ancient Greece a rhyme was considered to be either an author's mistake or the sign of a poor style.
Next was the discussion on the poetry notion and essence, what one has to expected from poetry and to what extent its borders could be considered conditional. The presenters demonstrated many examples of visual, experimental and sound poetry using video and audio devices. The seminar participants were keen to share their experience and thoughts.

The topic appeared to be so interesting that all the participants did not want to leave the room for a long time continuing the discussion after the seminar had been long over. At present time everyone is impatient to attend the next session that will take place on 18 February.

The comments of the seminar participants

The seminar was carried out on the high emotional level. After it was over the participants did not want to leave but continued discussing the issues upraised during the seminar. Summarizing the outcomes of the first meeting, it seemed that the global problems of the poetic art would be solved. The discussion covered the issues of the magic influence of the poetry and the degree of expressing ability of the main senses and emotional dominant of poetic work, the form, the style, the genre multiformity, a naïve poetry and the poetry for poets and many other things. It is important that all these issues were addressed not only in abstract and philosophic way, but coming from the particular poems on the basis of personal experience of the seminar participants.

I am eagerly waiting for the next meeting because in the open and friendly atmosphere the famous poets and inexperienced poem rhymers as well as ordinary poetry lovers plunging into the innermost secrets of occupation and "mechanics" of inspiration are enjoying communication, shared their experience and read their poems.

Tatyana Alexandrovnma Golikova,
Doctor of Plilology,
Professor of the Chair of Russian Language and Publishing Business of RosNOU

There was lots of interesting and educational things as the topic of discussion was not about the traditional forms of poetry. It also matters that the presenters and the participants belong to the creative and interesting category of people. I am looking forward for the next seminar.

Marina Yurevna Antropova,
Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor,
Head of General and Russian Linguistics RosNOU

I have never attended this type of seminars before. The motive of my coming was to increase, as they say, " my intellectual level" but of course I am a poetry amateur too. The first seminar was quite interesting but I think you need some time to get used to each other, to know better the people, their tastes and preferences in order to feel free in the discussions. Though even in the first meeting the connoisseurs of the poetry freely expressed their opinion and shared their thoughts and knowledge.
But as for me I was a bit confused because to my regrets I am not so well acquainted with all literal trends and directions. This is why I did not have enough courage to join the discussion but I think I will continue to attend seminars and will receive what I wanted to receive new knowledge, new impressions and inspiration.

Elena Kozlova,
5th year Student , specialized in "Translation and translation studies"

As for the presenter it was important for me to have a feedback from the listeners - their keen eyes (even after the hard working day), replicas, all sorts of questions, additions to what was said. I am very pleased that our seminar is apprehended so vivaciously and I am sure that it will be even more interesting in future.

Tatyana Borisovna Bonch-Osmolovskaya,
Candidate of Philology,
Pro-rector's of RosNOU Assistant on Science

Source: RosNOU


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