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International Russian Language Summer Courses

13.05.2014 16:02

The best way to learn Russian with fun is to join International Summer Courses of Russian at Pushkin Institute.
You study in Moscow, travel to other cities, hear Russian speech live, mix up and make friends with the Russians and with students from other countries.

Dates of arrival in 2014:

    June, 1;
    June, 29;
    July, 27.

You may choose one of the following programs:

  1. Russian for Beginners (for novice learners).
  2. Elementary Russian (for those at level A1 aiming further)
  3. Speaking Practice (remedial course in grammar and vocabulary, level A2)
  4. Improving Russian (level B1).
  5. Advanced Russian (intensive speaking practice at levels B2 and C1).
  6. Business Russian (July and August).
  7. Certificates in Russian (preparation for certification tests - July and August).
  8. Professional Development course for teachers of Russian (only July, 1-31).

Classes are held 4 days a week, 6 academic hours per day (one academic hour is 45 minutes):

    22 hrs - Language classes (pronunciation, grammar and speaking practice);
    2 hrs - Electives in Russian language, literature and culture.

Students take part in preparation of thematic lessons and celebrations in Russian during the course.

ertificates of Attendance are issued upon completion.

Certification tests can be arranged on request.


Fees are calculated per person for a 4-week stay. A shorter stay (1 week or more) can be arranged on request. Regular fee includes 24 hour-a-week tuition plus accommodation (shared room in a two-room suite).

The payment should be done in cash rubles within 2 working days upon arrival at the Institute, and the fees will be:

  • Programs 1 - 5:
    • 32,700 rubles - tuition and accommodation
    • 28,200 rubles - without accommodation
  • Program 6 - 7:
    • 33,700 rubles - tuition and accommodation
    • 29,200 rubles - without accommodation
  • Program 8 (July 1 - 31):
    • 32,400 rubles - tuition and accommodation
    • 27,900 rubles - without accommodation

Individual tuition (at least 8 academic hours a week)
1,320 rubles per academic hour (accommodation costs 200 rubles per day payable in addition).

Enrollment fee is 980 rubles (for a group of 10 and more students - 580 rubles per person) payable after arrival.

All the students are admitted to the courses only after paying for the chosen program.


  • Groups of students (10 and above) coming on prior agreement and scheduled for training of the same duration (2 weeks or longer) will be granted a 5% discount.
  • Students who show their student card of the previous stay at Pushkin Institute will be granted additional 3% discount in the case of payment upon arrival.
  • The person who heads the group of students (10 and above), arriving according to the preliminary agreement on a common term of study (3 weeks or more), is provided with accommodation in a separate room in dormitory (The cost is 10,000 rubles for 4 weeks). If the group consists of 6 to 9 students, the cost is 13,500 rubles for 4 weeks.

  • Medical insurance: 7 days - 7; 1 month - 30;
    Fees are paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment.
  • Single accommodation is possible based on vacancies in the dormitory. Please request in advance.
    • Single accommodation in a two-room block - surcharge of 10,000 rubles for 4 weeks;
    • Single accommodation in a one-room block - surcharge of 14,000 rubles for 4 weeks
  • To enroll in the Summer Course, you should do the following:

    1. Fill out the Application form here and send a copy of your passport to the Institute via e-mail: The Institute will contact you by email within 3 working days of getting your application form. If you didn't receive any answer from the Institute within 5 days, please send an email with your first and last name, country, and the date of filling out the application to

      Please note: Your passport must be valid at least 1.5 years (6 months for EU countries) beyond the entry date into the Russian Federation.

    2. The invitation for visa is issued by the Institute within 20 days (5 days for EU countries). You have to pay for the express-post (if you need the original invitation) after the arrival to the Institute.
    3. Upon the receipt of the formal letter of acceptance, you need to file visa application with a Consulate Department of the Russian Embassy in your country.
    4. In Moscow you will need 3 photos 3x4 cm.
    5. Accommodation in the Institute's dormitory is provided to those who hold academic visas issued at our invitation.

    Transfers The Institute assists with the organization of transfers for groups under a separate contract between students and a transport company. Students may order individual transfers independently.

    You can order transfer directly at the authorised Moscow companies:

    • ECCAINTER Ltd offers car rent - group and individual transfers by cars and buses
      Contacts: +7 495 937 5497, 937 5384. e-mail:,
    • "Victory Service"
      Contacts: +7 495 643-86-19, fax: +7 499 431-29-63, e-mail:
    • (Moscow Taxi)
      Contact: +7 (495) 500-0-500
    Please note that all the transfers are the responsibility of the transport company.

    +7(495)330-87-38 Fax:+7(495)330-85-65
    +7(495)330-89-29 E-mail:



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