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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia announces the enrolling in the Undergraduate Degree Programme and the Master's Degree Programme in Russian Studies

08.07.2014 10:42

These programmes are designed for students, who want to learn about Russia and its role in the modern world! Students study the Russian language along with the history, culture, literature, economics and politics of this dynamic region.

Application deadline - 15 August 2014!!!

In order to be admitted to PFUR it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • PFUR admission application form and a personal profile with data in Russian (in PFUR admission application form it is required to indicate a full name of chosen training programme);
  • Originals or duly certified copies of documents of education and its transcripts with all studied disciplines, notes as well as exams results. Besides, all the documents of education must be duly legalized (if required);
  • duly certified translation into Russian of educational documents and its transcript (if the latter is set by the law of your country);
  • copy of the identity document - national passport (if required, duly certified Russian translation of the document) or any other document which identifies a foreigner in the Russian Federation;
  • medical documents - medical report, medical laboratory results and official hospital HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate, taken in last three months (if necessary, translated into Russian and duly certified);
  • duly certified copy of the Birth Certificate (Russian translation of the document);
  • Copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation (if you arrive to the Russian Federation by visa);
  • Required number of photos (6 personal photos of 4x6 sm).

Upcoming refreshes should also provide proof of financial support (from sponsors or relatives). 
All translations into Russian should refer the same name as specified in the entry visa to Russia.  

Bachelor programme in Russian Studies booklet
Master's programme in Russian Studies booklet

10/2 Miklukho-Maklaya St., Moscow, Russia, 117198
Tel: +7(495) 434-65-01, 434-07-65 Fax: +7(495) 434-65-01

To find out more visit our website: or
facebook page or
contact us via e-mail:


Program author:
Shivleta Tagirova, Ph.D (Political Sciences), Head of Department for Europe

Period of studies: 4 years

ECTS credits: 240

Programme description:
The Bachelor Programme is created by the Institute for the International Programmes for international students. During the studying the students:

  • gain knowledge and skills in international relations development,
  • learn Russian language,
  • study to carry out complex legal analysis of the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of Russia.

Students gain general knowledge of history, political science, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, and ethnic characteristics of the peoples of Russia.

Learning outcomes:
The Russian studies bachelor programme provides students to gain a profound and adequate understanding of the comprehensive regional studies abroad and to achieve the following outcomes:

  • develop communication skills in the Russian language,
  • gain knowledge and understanding of Russian-speaking cultures,
  • make connections with other disciplines and acquire information,
  • apply theoretical knowledge to concrete Russian studies and applied analyses of regional priorities of Russia's foreign policy,
  • be enabled to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

Career opportunities
Our graduates are in demand in the labor market because Russia is a strategic partner for many countries and in recent years business activities among Russian and foreign countries have increased. Therefore the Russian Studies Programme is created for those who would like to work successfully as experts, consultants, analysts, managers, translators, specialists in:

  • International companies cooperating with Russia,
  • State bodies,
  • Diplomatic missions and consulates,
  • Tourist companies,
  • Chambers of Commerce,
  • Advertising agencies,
  • Research centers and universities.



Program author:
Vladimir P Sinyachkin, Doctor in Sciences, Professor of the Chair on Russian language and Intercultural Communication of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Period of studies: 2 years

ECTS credits: 120

Programme description:
Master's Programme in Russian Studies has been developed by the Institute for International Programmes for holders of diploma on higher education wishing to study modern issues and trends in the development of Russia.

The Master's Programme in Russian Studies is designed for:

  • students, who already hold a Bachelor degree or its equivalent,
  • students seeking to explore Russia, its modern political, social and economic conditions as well as many aspects of the Russian language, the literature, the history and the culture,
  • students, who wish to pursue careers in international trade and commerce, geopolitics, teaching, journalism and other related fields, or to prepare themselves for doctoral studies,
  • students dreaming to study in Moscow with the students from all over the world, to make new friends and have fun!

Learning outcomes:
Students will

  • both Russian and English languages
  • relations between Russia and other eastern European nations, these relations traced in a historical retrospective with an emphasis on the modern integrated international and regional studies, and, further, to have the students master the skills of applied analyses of regional priorities of Russia's foreign policy
  • the principles of modern political, social, ethnic and cultural processes in Russia


  • the skills for professional written translation of official and business documents in Russian language
  • skills of independent study of the present-day situation in all spheres in Russia
  • ability to analyse any information relating to Russia and its relations with other countries
  • ability to develop a scientific explanation of the chief causes and patterns of economic, social and political processes taking place in Russia, and to disclose their interrelationship and interaction with similar developments at regional and global levels
  • all the qualities and skills needed for successful development of business, cultural, diplomatic and other contacts with Russian foreign partners and cooperation with them.

Career opportunities
Our graduates are in demand in various fields. Those who take Russian Studies programme will find themselves well-equipped for positions in:

  • diplomatic service,
  • public service,
  • law and accounting,
  • journalism,
  • travel and tourism, as well as
  • traditional career of teaching and science.

Admission requirements:
Bachelor or a specialist degree
Successful passing of entrance examinations
Basic knowledge of Russian

Source: Peoples` Friendship University of Russia


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