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Russian Language Summer School at the Financial University in Moscow

28.03.2018 17:29

Most of us find ourselves thinking about how great it would be to speak several foreign languages but the story of Buddha who spoke 150 languages, and the stories of polyglots who speak from 40 to 60 languages often made us descend from heaven to earth and did not let us make our dream come true. The scholars cannot tell us yet how many languages an ordinary man can master. Yet, we can be glad because, according to the latest British scientists' data, polyglots have an average person's IQ, while we seem to have overcome this level. It is a good reason for becoming a polyglot and mastering yet another language, Russian, isn't it?

It goes without saying that studying a foreign language is a complex task. Even Lomb Kató, a well-known polyglot and writer, compares the process with the fortress storming. She suggests using all available tools at the same time to succeed, i.e. reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching films in the original language, attending lectures delivered in a foreign language, working with a textbook, writing letters to people, meetings and talking to friends who are the native speakers of the language.

You can start using part of these tools right now, and we can offer you lessons conducted by an instructor, teaching material examination and analysis, meetings and conversations with the native speakers in the summertime at the Financial University Summer School of the Russian Language. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to see Moscow, join us in the swing of life of one of the world's megalopolises, take a look at the historical monuments, and learn more about the Russian traditions and culture.

The Summer School will work from the 10th of July till the 31st of July, 2018 in the Financial University campus in Moscow. You will have an opportunity to combine learning the Russian language with the tours of Moscow during which you could see the key sights of the Russian capital.

The student group composition will depend of the level of proficiency in the language. There will be 7 to 10 people in each group. Upon completing the course, the School students will obtain a relevant certificate issued by the Financial University.

The students will study, be accommodated and have their meals at the University campus located on Leningradsky Prospekt, the widest street of Moscow. It is a part of the old road leading from Moscow to the town of Tver and Novgorod. It connected Moscow and St-Petersburg in mid-18th century. The main symbols of Russia, the Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Tretyakov Gallery are all easily accessible from the campus. You can use a subway or ground transport to get there.

The Summer School offers you the following

    Preliminary test

    Classes of the Russian language (70 hours) that include reading, writing, speaking, listening practice and phonetics and grammar lessons

    Final test and individual consulting sessions that will depend of the test results

    Recommendations for the further independent study of the Russian language

    A short series of lectures on the history and culture of Russia in English (10 hours)

    A cultural programme

The beginners' course will provide you an opportunity:

    To learn the Russian alphabet and the basics of writing rules

    To learn the basics of the Russian grammar

    To learn the most common phrases and words

    To learn the vocabulary needed for use in everyday life, e.g. in shops, cafes, on the street, in transport, etc.

The course for continuing students will help you:

    To systematize the knowledge of the basic Russian grammar

    To overcome the language barrier

    To learn to read and analyze articles, short stories and news items

    To learn to communicate on the Internet in Russian (in forums, blogs, while using the social media)

    To learn to make short presentations in Russian

For intermediate participants we offer the course that helps to be familiar with Russian for Business and Finance.

Also, we organize the customized Summer School programmes

The cost of participation in the Summer School is about 900 euros and it includes:

    The tuition fee;

    The University Student Residence Hall accommodation expenses;

    Meal expenses (breakfast and lunch on weekdays);

    Cultural program and tour-related expenses;

    Visa support expenses.

The application deadline is April 23, 2018 or May 11, 2018 (for the citizens of the European countries).

To apply, please download the application form, fill it in and send it to the following address:
International Relations Department
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Leningradsky Prospekt, 49, room 102
125993, Moscow, Russia
Please feel free to call us at: +7 (499) 943-94-21 or write:,
if you have any questions.


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