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The Kingdom of Cambodia

League of Khmer Students from Abroad "LIDEE Khmer"

Founding date - 1995
State registration - 12.02.95

Alumni total in the country - 4,500 persons
Alumni - members of the Association - 350 persons

Governing bodies' structure - the Advisory Council, the Administrative Council, President, Secretary General, President, Treasurer

Postal address: #56, Street 200, Beng Rang, Down Pen, Pnom-Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel.: (855) 23 212 455, (855) 16 820 278
Web-site: http//
Printed publications: Komnet Khmer Bulletin(Khemr Thught)

Association's leaders:

Mr Sau Sisovanna_ - Chairman, graduated from the Economics Department of the Kiev University, class of 1992, Candidate of Economics, Deputy Director of the ASEAN Department, the Cabinet of Ministers;
tel.: (855) 12 654 404
E-mail -,

Mr Chea Lahoeurn - Deputy Chairman, graduated from the Medical Department of the Peoples' Friendship University, class of 1987; Head of the Neurology Department at the Preakh Sianul Hospital
tel.: (855) 12 939 181,
E-mail -,

Mr. Phauk Samrech - Secretary General, graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, class of 1987, engineer,
tel.: (855) 16 820 278,
E-mail -

Lide Khmer as an NGO and a research institute

Created in 1995, the Lide Khmer Association is a non-governmental and non-political organization uniting Cambodian alumni of foreign higher educational institutions. It pursues the following aims:

- promoting interaction and mutual understanding;
- sharing of knowledge, information and work experience in science, technology, culture and other fields through arranging courses, discussions, round-table meetings and publishing of a information bulletin;
- providing opportunities for the Association's members to participate in drafting various programs, technical research and training courses to enhance their interaction and collaboration with the Cambodian and international NGOs in developing human potential, strengthening democracy, developing market economy for the sake of the revival of the Motherland.

Our Association seeks to create a favorable environment for individuals engaged in research and discussions of various issues of utmost importance for Cambodia's progress and has made strides in its area.

Firstly, the Association has rapidly increased its membership. Only 30-strong in 1995, it currently over 400 members. This dynamic growth proves that the Association is doing well and enjoys the confidence of its membership. This is due to the fact that the activity of its governing body - the Organizing Committee and the Administrative Council, which implements the Association's strategy and program, is well structured and streamlined. The Lide Khmer unites scientists, sociologists, environmental experts, engineers, journalists, architects, experts in agriculture, etc.

They work at government ministries and agencies, international organizations, Cambodian NGOs and private companies. Most of them, especially the Association's founders - members of the Organizing Committee and the Administrative Council - are PhDs or Candidates of Sciences which is a remarkable fact.

Secondly, the Lide Khmer Association has become the largest and most aggressive one among its Cambodian peers. We focus on four major streams of activity. Number one - we arrange round table discussions and offer various courses with the participation of experts, politicians, scholars, etc.

The Association has arranged and run numerous round table discussions and courses since 1995, especially in 1996 and 1997, on a variety of subjects such as:

- environmental supervision;
- the history of Cambodia;
- human resources development;
- agricultural development;
- quality administrative work;
- issues in socio-economic development of Cambodia;
- development of the regions in the Mekong River basin;
- development of tourism;
- regional economic integration;
- development of the legal framework, etc.

Another important stream of activity is monitoring, designed to assist government and international bodies to draft projects for the country's economic and political development. Specifically, Lide Khmer has focused, over the last several years, on the analysis of the economic and social developments in Cambodia.

Another stream of activity is publication of documents, research findings, reports and projects in the quarterly Information Bulletin. We do work in the human resources development as well. For example, Lide Khmer received aid from the International Development Research Center (IDRC, Canada) in 1996-1997 to become the first Internet center in Cambodia. It has organized Internet and e-mail courses for the first thousands of the Cambodian schoolchildren and students.

Thirdly, the Association has gained financial stability. It is financed from the membership fees, donations by its honorary members and executives, private companies, Cambodian and international organizations, private individuals and officials as well as revenues generated by its activity.

Today, we generate income mainly by analyzing projects by donor countries and various international organizations, such as the UN Development Program, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, the ADRC, etc. In other words, these revenues have helped us become self-financing.

On the whole, Lide Khmer, has become, through its own efforts and drawing on its internal resources, a leading non-governmental self-sufficient research institute. Though it has scored some successes, it faces many challengers with a shortage of funds - to support full-fledged activity - among them. We were compelled to search for new sources of income when the assistance by the Canadian International Development Research Center was discontinued in 1997. We focused on preparation of projects contemplated by donor countries and international financial institutions.

As a result of these efforts, the Association's activity has become sustainable but, some problems remain due to an insufficient income. This affects our potential for organizing seminars, round-table discussions and training courses for our members. Due to a shortage of funds, the Association is unable to start a big office and secure its full independence. For this reason, we are very grateful to the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Pnom Penh which has always supported our efforts in many ways: it allows us to use its premises to hold our annual meetings, various functions and seminars.

Critically assessing its current situation and challenges, the Association, at all times, seeks to identify concrete and flexible solutions to the problems to secure stability of its activity in future.

We fully realize that revenues and the availability of funds are drivers for successful and sustainable functioning of the Association. For this reason, our top priority is to set up a research center which will help craft relationships with experienced experts in monitoring. This won't be just a source of revenue, but will enable the Association's members engaged in this work, to gain more experience and become more knowledgeable. Sufficient funding will enable Lide Khmer to increase its membership by accepting, without prejudice, intellectuals who got educated in different countries, willing to unite in order to gain new experience and knowledge, help develop the country's intellectual potential and make a contribution to the progress of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our Association is one of the major public organizations in the country and, as the government's partner, it complements the latter's efforts in the advancement of progress and securing the wellbeing of Cambodia.

Secretary General, the General Assembly of the Higher National Economic Council, Economic Assistant to the Prime Minster of Cambodia, Member of the Lide Khmer leadership

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