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Republic of Bulgaria

Naiden Gerov Association of Former Students and Trainees of Educational Institutions in Russia and CIS
Сдружение на училите и специализиралите в учебни заведения на Русия и ОНД "Найден Геров".

Establishment date: 19. 12. 1990
State registration: 23.07.1991; 30. 06.1997; 26.02.2002

Total number of graduates in the country: around 50,000
Branches, affiliates, clubs, etc.: 11 clubs in Sofia and 10 in other cities

Structure of governing bodies: general meeting, 11-strong management council; chairperson; deputy chairperson; director; secretary; members; Supervisory council; managers of affiliates /clubs (21)

Mailing address: Society N. Gerov 169, bul. V. Georgiev, Sofia 1504, Bulgaria.
Phones: (3592) 944-63-19 (office); 73-85-57 (chairperson); 74-39-05 (director)
Fax: (3592) 943-44-32 (office); 74-39-05 (director); 70-34-33 (chairperson)

Association heads:

Prof. Yachko Ivanov: chairman, corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, professor (phone (3592) 73-85-57; fax (3592) 70-34-33; E-mail:

The Bulgarian alumni of the Russian (Soviet) HE institutions are united in the Naiden Gerov Society - the successor of the Commission for HE institutions' alumni, part of the Popular Movement of the Russian -Bulgarian friendship. The Commission was in charge of sending Bulgarian young people to study at the HE institutions and experts to upgrade their qualification in the USSR.

Over 50 thousand Bulgarian experts got higher education and defended theses at Soviet HE institutions since the late 1940s. Already the first graduates started to get organized and set up clubs which formed the basis for a unified entity - the N. Gerov Society founded in 1990.

The most active clubs have been and still are, first of all, the Club of the MGU alumni, the Club of the Timiryazev Academy alumni, the Association of the Alumni of the Moscow Institute for International Relations, the Club of the Moscow Institute for Fine Chemical Technology alumni, the Club of the Tula State University alumni and the White Nights Club of the Saint Petersburg and Leningrad alumni.

The N. Gerov Society is a public organization - a legal entity engaged in not-for-profit activity. It is a collective member of the Federation for Friendship with the peoples of Russia and the CIS. Membership in the Gerov Society is open, while individual clubs may have organizational structure of their own.

The MGIMO Alumni Association, founded in 1995, stepped up its activity after its re-registration in 2002. Its governing body is the Conference which elects the Board and approves the Directorate. The Board Chairman is Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Yachko Ivanov and the executive Director is Krasimir Sybev. The Society operates on sponsors' money.

The key streams of the Society's activity are the following:

- facilitating cooperation between Russian and Bulgarian HE institutions;
- maintaining contacts with the alumni organizations of appropriate HE institutions;
- providing information to its members on the current socio-economic position of Russia and the status and future prospects of its system of higher education, and, to this end,
- coordinating the activity of individual clubs - the Society's members.

Like other Bulgarian public organizations, the Russian Cultural and Information Center cooperates with, the Gerov Society has voting rights in identifying candidates for studies in Russia under the scholarships provided annually by the RF Government. Moreover, the Gerov Society annually gets scholarships for potential students from the INCORVUZ-XXI. Tatiana's day - the Russian students' holiday celebrations are particularly popular and often attract many guests, including the RF ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria, the leadership of the Peoples' Assembly and the Ministry for Education and Science of Bulgaria. Individual clubs hold their meetings and assemblies as well.

In 1999, the N. Gerov Society organized a regional (European) meeting of alumni in Sofia.

23 Bulgarian alumni participated in the First World Forum of the Russian (Soviet) HE institutions' alumni held May 14 to 16, 2003 in Moscow. The delegation was headed by Professor Yachko Ivanov - Chairman of the Board of the Gerov Society and a Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Among the delegates were: deputy Chairman of the People's Assembly of Bulgaria Academician Blagovest Sendov, Rector of the new Bulgarian University Dr. Sergey Ignatov, former Minister for Telecommunications Lubomir Kolarov, former Minister for External Trade Georgy Karamanev and Chief Secretary of the Bulgarian Journalists' Union Snezhana Todorova.

The Forum gave the participants a chance to return to their youth and visit some memorable places. They learned a lot about Russia's current progress and got an insight into some issues facing it. Some plans were made in personal contacts and at the level of the organization the delegates represented.

Love for the Russian people, the Russian culture and Russia grew even stronger after the Forum. The speech Russia's President V. V. Putin made on the first day of the event will be remembered for years to come. The Forum will enhance the activity of individual clubs united in the Naiden Gerov Society.

All Clubs took part in celebrating the 126th anniversary of Bulgaria's liberation, the festive celebrations of the Space flights day, the 70th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin and the 25th anniversary of Georgy Ivanov's flight - the first Bulgarian to go into space. There are plans to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties with Russian.

The recently-created Association of the Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) alumni is headed by Snezhana Todorova - a participant of the World Forum. The organization holds very interesting monthly meetings, celebrates anniversaries of its members and, among other, celebrated the 250th anniversary of the Saint Petersburg University.

The Bulgarian Association of the MGIMO alumni turns 10

The Association of the Bulgarian alumni of the Moscow Institute for International Relations (the MGIMO University) was launched 10 years ago. The Bulgarian Alumni Association - the first alumni organization abroad of this prestigious Moscow HE institution -was set up after the founding of the Russian Association of the MGIMO alumni. Launched in Sofia by the young graduates of the early 1990s, it attracted the older- generation diplomats and experts in external trade relations as well.

The MGIMO alumni have found their niche in Bulgaria's political and economic elite. Among them is ex-President of Bulgaria Petr Mladenov, Prime Ministers Andrey Lukanov and Jean Videnov, Ministers for Foreign Affairs Luben Gotsev, Boiko Dimitrov and Stanislav Daskalov.

Information on the Association's activity can be found on its web-site:

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