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on the rules of safe dwelling in flats

1. The tenants are recommended to:

a) get acquainted with next door neighbors upon moving in;
b) periodically (bi-weekly) ask the neighbors whether or not they are disturbing them;
c) upon agreement with the landlord, install a spy-hole and a safety chain;
d) not open the door to strangers;
e) if someone rings at you door bell and introduces himself as a police officer, do not open the door at once. Ask that person to show his papers, tell his name and district. Call 02 or the district police division (see the list of telephone numbers at the end of this booklet), tell your name, address, the name of the policeman, and ask why he was sent to you;
f) act in a similar way in respect of workers of the building maintenance office and other organizations;
g) do not return home after 20:00 in winter time and 22:00 in summer time.

2. The tenants have the right:

а) after 22:00 refuse to open the door, including at request of police officers, workers of the building maintenance office etc., unless a perpetrator of a crime is present in your flat;
b) if police officers need to inspect your flat, demand that they show the warrant to in-spect the flat and invite witnesses;
c) call police officers to resolve all matters of dispute (telephone number of the police division is given at the end of this booklet).
d) refuse to let the landlord to live in the flat during the entire period of rent (under the rental contract);

3. Exchange of currency:

а) in Russia, all purchases and sales are made only in rubles, settlements in other cur-rencies are prohibited by law;
b) you should exchange your dollars or euros only in a bank or exchange offices;
c) do not agree to currency exchange at a better rate by people who can frequently be met at exchange offices.

4. Behavior in the streets:

а) avoid conflicts and getting into argument with locals;
b) avoid street lotteries;
c) avoid big crowds, especially of youth at holidays;
d) you may be stopped in the street by police officers to check your papers, therefore you should always have with you your passport and student card (telephones of the dean's office for work with foreign students are indicated in the student card);
e) be careful in choosing your friends;
f) strangers in your flat may be a source of danger;
g) never make friends during carousals;
h) if you have met a girl and are going to have intimate relationship with her, remember that you may have problems with law if she is under 18 years of age;
i) use and sale of drugs and weapons are expressly prohibited in Russia.

5. Adequate self-defense:

а) under Russian laws, everyone has the right to defense in case of attack;
b) remember that you should never use for defense knives or other cold steel arms;
c) gas pistols are sold only subject to special permits issued by the police;
d) spray cans with CS, CN or red pepper are in free sale in "Okhotnik" and "Zashchita" shops near polyclinic No. 3;
e) red pepper sprays are considered most efficient, as they can also be used against dogs.

6. Medical insurance:

а) emergency medical assistance in case of physical injury or sudden serious illness will be provided to you free of charge and without a policy;
b) to ensure effective assistance in all other cases we advise that you obtain a voluntary medical insurance policy;
c) for information about obtaining voluntary medical insurance policy please contact the foreign-economic activity center, tel. 38-30-63.

7. All flat renters should necessarily read these instructions (against their signature).

Source: Prevention Of Offences: Guidelines for teachers and tutors of foreign students of the Volgograd State Medical University

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