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Legal Aid

If you have suffered from a crime

If against you there was commited a theft or aggression, first of all it is nessessary to inform the law-enforcement bodies about the occurance for the possible revelation of the crime straightway and carrying out an inquest. It is necessary to draw up a report, in case of a theft the report should contain the list of stolen belongings and their approximate value. It is recommended to inform a curator of the institute of higher education or another supervisor, responsible for your sojourn in Russia, about the occurance. If you are a driver and have got into a traffic accident, it is necessary to wait till officials of the State Inspection of Road Traffic (Gosudarstvennaya inspektsiya bezopasnosti dorozhnogo dvizheniya) or GIBDD will arrive to draw up a report at the occurrence location. Sometimes in order to determine the reasons of an accident and the cupability degree of each party the additional investigation is needed.

In the case of a contigency, concerned with a threat or aggression on you from other persons, a traffic accident, an arrest by local law-enforcement bodies, you should inform about it embassy or consulate of your country in Russia without delay. You have a right to demand from the law-enforcement bodies to afford an opportunity to contact with the nearest consulate or to send an advice note about the fact of an accident. At the same time you should understand that the consulates not always are able to assure an immediate arrival of a consular officer (for example, if the occurrence location is situated at a long distance from a consulate).

If you are suspected of a crime

During arresting one should not put up resistance, as it can aggravate matters and provoke law-enforcement officials to use physical force or even arms. It is not recommended to talk to representatives of local law-enforcement bodies, and to sign any reports or other documents in case, if you do not speak Russian fluently and are not able to get a clear idea of the document contents.

In the case of arrest as a suspect or accused, in accordance with the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation, not later then 24 hours from the actual arrest moment you should be interrogated. An investigator, inquirer is obliged to notify about it an embassy or a cosulate of your country.

Simultaneously you have the right:

· to know the crime you are suspected of, and to get a copy of the resolution about a criminal investigation commencement
· to give explanations and evidence concerning suspicion against you or to refuse to give explanations and evidence;
· to use the help of an advocate from the moment of commencement of a criminal investigation against you; and also from the moment of an actual arrest, in case if you are suspected of a crime;
· to produce evidence;
· to present a petition and to demur;
· to use the interpeter service free of charge;
· to give evidence and explanations in your native language or a language you know;
· to become acquanted with the inquest reports, held with your participation and to give your remarks;
· to participate by authority of an investigator or an inquirer in inquest, which is held according your petition, petition of your advocate or legal representative;
· to make comlaints about actions (inaction) and decisions of a court, a public prosecutor, an investigator and an inquirer.

The mechanism of a consular and legal aid begins to work from the moment of receipt by diplomatic representatives or a consular institution of your country of information about an arrest from the responsible authority of your sojourn country.

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