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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Print this article Special features of the University

Special features of the University determining its top position in the system of Higher education of Russia, are:
• Standards for the advanced centers of the world higher school, a wide combination of faculties - from humanitarian, social and natural - scientific up to medical, ecological, agricultural and applied engineering, - almost of all scale of the specialties representing an unlimited choice for those willing to receive modern and quality degree education, involving into educational process a wide circle of the scientists and the experts in various areas of human activity;
• Orientation of the educational plans to individual work with the students - small quantitative structure of students' groups allowing deep acquisition of educational disciplines in all specialties;
• Profound study of one or several foreign languages, obtaining alongside with the basic specialty of qualification the diploma of interpreter in one or several languages;
• Significant density in the activity of the University of all forms of postgraduate studies (refresher and Ph.D courses), wide training of personnel of highest qualifications;
• Multi-nationality of the collective of teachers, students, post-graduate students and trainees - representatives of 500 nationalities and tribes from more than 14 countries of the world. The joint study, rest, leisure at the University - promoting to mutual acquaintance and enrichment of cultures and traditions of many nationalities. This is indeed the school of friendship and mutual understanding, basis of the further development of personal contacts and professional communications at the international level for each of the graduates of University.

Scientific research

The PFUR is a large center of science where multipurpose researches are being conducted. For the last 3 years 705 monographs, 58 textbooks and 485 manuals have been published at the University.

More than 500 employees of the University are the registered as inventors and rationalizers. The intellectual fund of PFUR is made with the descriptions of the inventions of more than 870 copyright certificates and of 150 patents of Russian Federation practically on all directions of scientific activity of the University.

The University participates in performance of scientific research and design works on priority scientific directions on the orders of the Russian and foreign companies.

The research work involves professors and teachers of the University, personnel of the faculties, post-graduate students, trainees and other students.

It is necessary to note, that the presence in PFUR of the large number of faculties, departments, specialties of a various direction enables to carry out joint and complex scientific researches both of the applied and fundamental character.

List of faculties

Faculty of the Russian language and basic disciplines (preparatory faculty)
Faculty of humanities and social sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Physical, Maths and Natural sciences
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Ecology
Faculty of Law
Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism
Institute of World Economy and Business
Institute of Foreign Languages


6, Miklukho-Maklay Street Moscow, 117198, Russia

Tel. No.

+(7 495) 434 6641; 433 7385

Fax No.

+(7 495) 433 1511; 433 7379

E-mail address


Professor Vladimir M. Filippov - Ph.D ; D.Sc (math)

Faculties and Academic Institutes

·  Faculty of the Russian Language and Basic Disciplines (Preparatory faculty for International students)
·  Faculty of Science
·  Faculty of Engineering
·  Faculty of Medicine
·  Faculty of Agriculture
·  Faculty of Economics
·  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
·  Faculty of Philology
·  Faculty of Law
·  Faculty of Ecology
·  Institute of Hotel business and Tourism
·  Institute of World economy and business
·  Institute of Foreign languages

Type of course

Full-time programs (Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate), part-time (evening courses), distant learning programs, dual degrees, short term upgrade courses etc.

Length of course

Foundation (Preparatory) program - (1 academic year)
Bachelor Degree - (4 years of study full time);
State Specialist Degree - (5 years of study full time)
Medical Doctor Degree (MD) - (6 years of Study full time)
Master of Dentistry - (5 years full time)
Master of Pharmacy (5 years full time)
Master's Degree - (2 years of study after B.Sc. graduation)
Ph.D - 3 years (after Masters or Specialist degree)
D.Sc - 2-3 years (after Ph.D degree)

Student profile

At this time more than 28000 students of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate courses representing about 500 nations and nationalities from 141 countries of the world study at the University. These are young people from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, almost from all republics of the former Soviet Union as well as representatives of autonomies and regions of multinational Russia.

(see below)

Fee rate for major course training at the University depends on the chosen specialty (major) and it is set up $2800-4150 at the Preliminary Faculty and $3400-7800 USD per academic year at Principal Faculties and Institutes. Fee rate for Master course training is set up from $ 3500 up to 6500 USD per academic year (depending on major). Fee rate at Ph.D. courses varies from 3500 to 5500 USD per academic year (depending of specialty).

Admission requirements

Academic level of 65-70% as minimum, ability to meet the cost of tuition fee

Class size

Currently over 28000 international undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from over 141 countries of the world study here. There are 2112 academic (teaching) staff members including 330 Professors (Doctors of Science) and more than 900 Ph.D holders. Such a ratio of the university academic staff and student enrollment allows small groups of students, thus providing for an advanced and profound training.

Person responsible for International activity:

Professor Vladimir Denissenko (Ph.D and D.Sc philology)
Vice-Rector for International activity
Tel/fax: (+7495) 434-66-41
Address: 6, Miklukho-Maklay street, Moscow, 117198, Russia

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