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Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov

Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov (BSTU) was founded in 1957. According to the number of specialities, faculty staff, departments and laboratories BSTU is the only higher educational institution in such field not only in our country but also in Europe. BSTU is considered to be one of the best higher educational institutions in Russia according to the quality of education, teaching staff, level of scientific and research work and material supplies.

BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is a highly developed modern educational, scientific, industrial and training complex. It includes laboratory buildings, training industrial bases, libraries containing scientific literature, hostels, residential blocks of flats for the staff, canteens, Cultural Student Centre, gyms and sport grounds. The best sport structure in the Black Soil Zone, the stadium, has been constructed, a swimming pool is being under construction.

The structure of the University includes Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Building Materials Science, Faculty Mechanical Equipment, Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering, Faculty of Information Technologies and control Systems, Highway Construction Faculty, Machine Building Faculty, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Power Engineering and also Faculty of Refresher Courses, Scientific and Research Faculty of Global Changes and Steady Development, postgraduate school, doctoral studies, a number of technical schools, gymnasiums and technical lyceums. The structure of the University also includes 47 chairs and 3 departments.

In November 2004 we signed the agreement on cooperation between BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov and Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology and opened the branch of the International department of UNESCO "The technique of ecologically pure productions" on the basis of the BSTU.

The branches in Gubkin, in the North Caucasus, Dyatkov, Novorossiysk, the representation in Volsk carry out the successful activity. Belgorod Faculty of Engineering and Economics which has a range of branches in different regions of Russia makes part of the system of educational institutions of the university.

The university carries out the important work on the expansion of trends and specialities of engineering staff training. In such a way the university increases its competitive capacity on the educational market, takes into account the changes in economics and society. On the initiative of the regional authorities and the governor Y.S. Savchenko new specialities "Organization and traffic safety engineer", "Electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes engineer", "Emergency protection engineer", "Electricity supply engineer" were introduced in the curriculum. BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is the only educational institution providing with specialists the enterprises of glass industry of Russia.

The leading cathedras of the University passed the international accreditation that had been carried on by British institution of civil engineers. According to the rating of the Federal Agency on Education the cathedra of "Building materials study, building products and structures" and the cathedra of "Highways and aerodromes" take the first place in Russia among the cathedras of the analogical profile.

According to the data of the project "Business Rating of Higher Education" the Belgorod Shukhov State University is included in the number of the best sixteen Universities of Russia (ALFA-league).

There are the following specialities under the full-time form of training:

Bachelor programm

07.03.01 Architecture 87 980 rubles
07.03.03 Design of architectural environment 87 980 rubles
07.03.04 Urban development 87 980 rubles
08.03.01 Construction 87 980 rubles
09.03.01 Computer science and engineering 87 980 rubles
09.03.02 Information systems and technologies 87 980 rubles
09.03.03 Applied Informatics 87 980 rubles
09.03.04 Software engineering 87 980 rubles
13.03.01 Heat power Engineering and heat 87 980 rubles
13.03.02 Power and electrical engineering 87 980 rubles
15.03.01 Engineering 87 980 rubles
15.03.02 Technological machines and equipment 87 980 rubles
15.03.04 Automation of technological processes and productions 87 980 rubles
15.03.05 Engineering and Design software engineering industries 87 980 rubles
15.03.06 Mechatronics and robotics 87 980 rubles
18.03.01 Chemical technology 87 980
18.03.02 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology 87 980 rubles
20.03.01 Technosphere safety 87 980 rubles
20.03.02 Environmental engineering and water management 87 980 rubles
21.03.02 Land management and cadastre 87 980 rubles
22.03.01 Science of materials and technology of materials 87 980 rubles
23.03.01 Technology of transport processes 87 980 rubles
23.03.02 Land transport and technological complexes 87 980 rubles
23.03.03 Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes 87 980 rubles
27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology 87 980 rubles
27.03.02 Quality Management 87 980 rubles
27.03.04 Management in technical systems 87 980 rubles
28.03.01 Nanoengineering 123 980 rubles
29.03.04 Technology artistic processing of materials 87 980 rubles
38.03.01 Economy 80 690 rubles
38.03.02 Management 690 80 rubles
38.03.03 Personnel Management 80 690 rubles
38.03.05 Business Informatics 80 690 rubles
38.03.06 Trading business 80 690 rubles
42.03.01 Advertising and public relations 87 980 rubles
54.03.02 Decorative-applied and folk art crafts 123 980 rubles

The 5 year program

08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures
08.05.03 Construction, operation, restoration and technical cover of roads, bridges and tunnels
10.05.03 Information security of automated systems
15.05.01 Design of technological machines and complexes
20.05.01 Fire safety
21.05.01 Applied geodesy
21.05.04 Mining
23.05.01 Land transport-technological means
23.05.06 Construction of Railways roads, bridges and transport tunnels
38.05.01 Economic security

With a view of full realization of opportunities of entrants there is a preparatory branch and preparatory courses under a full-time and correspondent forms of training. There are preparatory courses for those, having a full secondary education and pupils of graduation classes, schools, lyceums and colleges. Training on preparatory courses is not free. At BSTU there is a military chair where young men are trained under the program of officers. BSTU trains students in all the specialities of the full-time and the correspondent forms both due to means of the federal budget, and on the basis of the full indemnification of expenses. Training under distant form is based on a full indemnification of all the expenses.

  1. License Serial A 283558 Registration N 9878 19 February 2008.
  2. Certificate of state accreditation Serial AA N 001148 Registration N 1119 7 March 2008.

Address: 308012 Belgorod, Kostyukov str., 46, Russia
University administration: tel.: +7 (4722) 542087

The information for foreign citizens who wants to get education at Belgorod state technological university named after V.G.Shuhov (Belgorod, Russia)

If you want to receive qualitative education and become the qualified expert, Belgorod state technological university (BSTU) named after V.G.Shuhov will help to realize your dream.

Under the nomenclature of specialities, quality of education, material base of faculties, faculties and laboratories, on a level of the faculty, a level of scientific work of BSTU is one of the largest technological high schools of Russia. More than 25.000 students, including foreign citizens from 36 foreign countries, are trained in BSTU.

The university complex is located in a park zone. The territory is fenced and protected. The university complex includes: educational and laboratory buildings, scientific and technical library, hostels for students, apartment houses for teachers and employees, canteens and cafes: 3 dining rooms, 5 buffets, 2 cafes, the cultural - educational center for students, a sports complex: stadium, 2 training halls.

The major and responsible stage in becoming the future expert, who has arrived to Russia from abroad, is the prehigh school preparation which is carried out at Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens. The given period for the future experts is a first step as in the sphere of adaptation to the new language environment, and in the sphere of preparation for studying base subjects of high school.

Prehigh school preparation is conducted on three structures:

The purpose of the program

The contents of the program

The further direction of training


Preparation for training at Russian high school

for persons having full secondary education or bachelor degree



Technical structure:
Russian, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, sports

Engineering specialities

Economic structure:
Russian, mathematics, physics, computer science, economy

management, marketing

Medical and biologic structure:
Russian, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology


Philological structure:
Russian, Russian literature, Geography, cultural studies


Duration of training - 1 academic year (from September till July).

The classes begin on the first of September. Reception of foreign citizens is conducted from 1st September till 31st December. Groups begin work in process of acquisition. The complexion of the groups begins with January in the groups training 1,5 year (3 terms)

Time of carrying out the classes - day time. The classes begin at 8:15 and proceed till 14:20. From 11:45 till 12:35 there is a break.

Quantity of class periods in a week: 36 class periods. Class period - 45 minutes.

Quantity of students in group: from 6 up to 10. In groups there are students of different nationalities are trained.

Each student's group has the tutor.

The tutor will help you to adapt to a new conditions of residing and study, will carry out excursions on campus, on city.

The final document - the certificate.

After finishing the preparatory faculty students will pass examinations. Having successfully passed the final examinations students will receive the certificate with the of results of examinations.On the basis of this document you are enlisted on the chosen faculty where you will continue study for reception of a degree of the bachelor / the master. If you already have a degree of the master and want to receive an academic status, you can enter postgraduate study.

Free time: academic year at preparatory faculty is sated not only on educational process. Students visit museums, exhibitions, memorable places of Belgorod and the Belgorod region. At faculty thematic evenings and competitions, concerts and exhibitions are carried out. If you like to go in for sports, at leisure you can be engaged in sports clubs and take part in various sports competitions.

Accomodation: in a hostel of section type, in 2 local rooms. In section there is a kitchen and other municipal convenience. In section live 10 - 12 person. You will receive bedding in a hostel. In a hostel there is a grocery shop, a dining room, a sport hall, workshop on tailoring and repair of footwear. The hostel is situated in 5 minutes of walking from the educational case in territory of campus.

The invitation to study It is necessary for you to receive the invitation to study for this purpose send a copy of your passport and the document of the secondary education for specification of your level of preparation to the address (it is preferable to send to the electronic address or by fax):
308012 Russia, Belgorod, Kostyukova str., 46,
BSTU named after V.G.Shuhov

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens,
Ph./ fax: +7 (4722) 30-99-19
Dean of the faculty:
ph./fax: (4722) 30-99-19

For you to begin training in time, it is desirable to send documents in April, May. If you have not yet received the document of secondary education by this time, you can send it later. The invitation will be sent after reception of the document of secondary education.

You receive the circular, if your documents have passed competition.

Fill in necessary documents and send them in university. The invitation will be ready in a month after reception of your documents. The invitation will be sent to you by mail. To speed up reception of the invitation by mail it is possible to use DHL (for an additional payment).

Having received the invitation, you can prepare for the entry visa to Russia.

If you inform us the date and an arrival time to Russia, the representative of our university will meet you at the airport of Moscow and will accompany you up to Belgorod. The way from Moscow to Belgorod by train will take 10 hours. This way will cost approximately 150 $.

Leaving for study to Russia do not forget the following documents:

    -The invitation
    -The document of secondary education / document of previous education with the translation on Ruussian language, made by Russian notary or consulate services of Russian Federation
    -The medical certificate about candidate's not having socially-dangerous decease and has no contra-indication to study. This document must be attested by official health of body or by Russian notary or consulate services of Russian Federation
    -Notarialy attested copy of birth certificate with the translation on Russian language, made by Russian notary or consulate services of Russian Federation

The sum of money to pay for (the data on 01.09.2016t the rate of the Central Bank of RF ):


1 year

1,5 year


49000 roubles (650 USA $)

61000 roubles (800 USA $)


10800 roubles (150 USA $)

15660 roubles (206 USA $)

Medical insurance

66 USA $

100 USA $

Medicine tests

3000 roubles (40USA $)

3000 roubles (40 USA $)

Documents for student ID

7500 roubles

7500 roubles


1000 roubles (15 USA $)

1000 roubles (15 USA $)

Leaving wage

150 - 200 USA $

Details at
Russian language courses

We offer RUSSIAN LANGUAGE COURSES for foreign citizens wishing to study Russian language.
Competent approach to the training of foreign citizens Russian language supported by rich experience of qualified teachers of our University (we train foreign nationals since 1991), is a worthy argument in favor of Russian language teaching in our courses.

We provide a wide range of educational programs (from elementary for beginners to business English). The use of intensive methods of teaching helps the learner to begin to speak in Russian almost from the very first lesson. We employ qualified teachers trained in modern teaching methods. When teaching Russian language to use audio and video materials.

While studying on our courses, You have the opportunity not only to undergo the Russian language, but also to find new friends from other countries, visit many interesting excursions, to get acquainted with culture and traditions of Russia.

You can choose the course of learning Russian with such duration and with such content that best meets Your goals and objectives:

    studying in a group (6-7 people with approximately the same level of knowledge of the Russian language);
    individual program tailored to your level of knowledge and interests, the most convenient schedule of classes. The curriculum is developed by a teacher only in accordance with Your personal wishes.
    The levels of difficulty of the course developed by leading experts in the field, and require full mastery of the Russian language in the system of stepped approach to learning.
    UPON completion of the COURSE You will receive
    A souvenir of your stay in our University

RECEPTION CONDITIONS for those who need an entry visa

    To enroll in their chosen course please complete the registration form and send it to us along with a copy of your passport at: RKI-BGTU1@
    The request and scanned copy of the passport must be sent not later than 40 days prior to arrival.
    The original invitation is sent by Express mail (DHL) upon Your request and at a surcharge.


    All the programs include excursions.
    The program includes Shuttle service. We will meet You at the airport in Moscow and will accompany to the place of training, if You report the date of your arrival for 3 - 4 days.
    Classes are held on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday no classes.
    Cost of study: 4 weeks (80 hours) - 5000 rubles.
    The price:

      in a double bedroom student residences - 900 roubles a month.
      at the hotel from 800 rubles per day.

    Textbooks provided free of charge.

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