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Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov
16.05.2011 13:12

More than 60 years Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov successfully qualifies competent personnel for the healthcare system and justifiably has authority over Russia and foreign countries. Nowadays the University provides teaching by programs of higher professional education of medical and scholarship profile, prepares specialists at the departments of Internship, Post graduate education, PhD education and Doctor's degree, fulfills the retraining and advancing of doctors and it is considered to be an outstanding centre of medical science and medico-preventive activity.
The University's quality of educational and scientific activity is guaranteed by certificates of conformity to the international standard ISO 9001:2008. Ryazan State Medical University is included into the Euro case of European organization of quality.
More than 1000 foreign students from 60 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Commonwealth and Independent States study at the University. The Institution of Higher Education has qualified more than 5000 specialists; among them foreign students and 200 PG students.

The University fulfills education of professionals of the following specialties:

060101 General medicine (Faculty of General Medicine) - 6 years.
060105 Dentistry (Faculty of Dentistry) - 5 years.
060108 Pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy) - 5 years.
060104 Medico-preventive management (Medico-preventive faculty) - 6 years.
030302 Clinical Psychology (Faculty of Clinical Psychology) - 5 years.

After graduation from Ryazan State Medical University foreign specialists have the opportunity to study at the departments of Internship, Post graduate education and PhD education.

Education is fulfilled with the usage of translators' service.

The University includes 56 departments, 16 academic buildings, base dental clinic, the central scientific research laboratory, consulting diagnostic policlinic, vivarium, botanic garden with the experimental ground and beeyard, sports and health camp, 4 comfortable hostels for foreign students, gyms, mini-football ground, 2 basketball courts, tennis court and other facilities. The University possesses a rich library with educational and scientific literature in foreign languages.

Foreign students take active part in all the spheres of the University's life and also organize their own national holidays and concerts (Indian Day, Day of Cameroon etc.) to represent their history, customs, culture, and art to teaching staff and students.

The preparatory faculty at the University is also represented, during one year students study Russian language, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.

Documents which are necessary for execution of a student visa:
1. Copy of passport (page with photography, date of birth and passport validity (not less than 2 years));
2. Copy of certificate of secondary education and statement of marks;
3. Application to the name of rector of the University.
You can send the documents to the following address: invitation11@yandex.ru

Necessary documents for admission to Ryazan State Medical University:
1. Passport, visa, migration card;
2. Copy of the passport;
3. Properly legalized original of documents of secondary education with statement of marks (or documents which are considered as equivalent in the Russian Federation);
4. 3 notarized copies of legalized documents about secondary education with statement of marks;
5. Certificate of equivalence (received from the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation);
6. Medical certificate of health srate;
7. Results of examination of HIV infection;
8. 10 photographs (34) on mat paper
If you have questions you can call +7 4912 46 08 29

Visokovoltnaya 9, Ryazan, Russia. 390026
The head of the International department - Korobovtseva Tatiana Victorovna
Tel.: +7 4912 46 08 29, fax: +7 4912 460808
E-mail: admission@rzgmu.ru, invitation11@yandex.ru
Official site: www.rzgmu.ru

We are glad to see you at Ryazan State Medical University!