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Kalmyk State University
11.05.2012 12:08

Kalmyk State University comprises eight faculties and the Institute of Kalmyk Philology and Oriental Studies. It provides training in 22 specialities of higher professional education, 20 specialities of Bachelor degree, 13 specialities of Master degree, 18 specialities of secondary professional education, a number of programs of supplementary education. Today, around 8,000 students are enrolled in various programs of full-time and part-time education.

KalmSU campus covers over 75,909 m². and its home to more than 8,000 students from different countries. Kalmyk State University has 7 academic buildings. There is a scientific-experimental farm unit, bases of recreation and practice, a testing field, a mini-farm, a botanic garden, a center of new informational technologies, a house of culture, a sport complex, a scientific library with 6 departments and 7 reference rooms, with total area of 4 500 m² and a book collection of more than 1,000 000 exemplars. University dormitories accommodate 1,300 students. There is a preventive health resort for 75 rooms, 7 dining rooms for 500 seats.

The Office of International Affairs of Kalmyk State University regulate international relations, promotes international academic mobility, fosters international cooperation and partnerships among professors in the areas of teaching and research, implements actions to recruit foreign students.

Today 71 students from 15 countries are enrolled in various academic programs of KalmSU (Azerbaijan, Benin, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia, Congo, Lithuania, Mali, Mongolia, Switzerland, Japan).

The Office of International Affairs of KalmSU has high-qualified multilingual staff maintaining the following functions:

  • a complete visa support for international students
  • organization of the medical examination, medical insurance reception
  • informational support
  • all necessary arrangements for international cooperation

In 2006 Kalmyk State University opened the Preparatory Department for foreign students.

Along with other general education subjects the faculty began to develop the program of elementary, basic, 1st certification, 2-d certification levels of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL).

I level Certificate "State Testing System of Russian language for foreign Citizen" is required for admission to universities in Russia.

Training for II level Test is required for admission in Master program and getting second higher education.

More than 210 foreign students were trained on the proposed program; they have successfully mastered and received certificates in the Testing Center of Volgograd State Technical University.

Students from different countries pass training courses in 16 humanitarian disciplines, they are engaged in scientific work, prepare term papers and dissertations. All students receive certificates at the end of the annual training.

The Department has necessary for the training process material resources and specialized training facilities. First of all, these are textbooks and teaching tutorials. The learning process use information and communication technologies, modern techniques and tools, including audio, television, video equipment, a variety of programs, educational games and exercises.

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