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The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)

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The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) 

The FEFU is a special institution which today plays a pivotal role in the integration of Russia and the APR states. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the FEFU one of the supreme dominants of the Far East and an intellectual center which will provide the training of highly qualified personnel not only for traditional branches of industry but also for the modern economy.

Indeed, the Far East of Russia is now implementing large-scale unprecedented economic and social projects. New enterprises, transportation systems are launched; social and cultural, sport, and strategic facilities are built. In the view of these unique circumstances the Far Eastern Federal University follows the mission to train high-level professionals to provide education in line with world standards and instill professional skills and competences indispensible in the modern world.

The Far Eastern Federal University Development Program focuses on the following priority areas in science and education: ocean resources, energy resources and energy-saving technology, nano-systems and nano-materials, transportation and logistics, biomedical technology, and comprehensive coordination with the APR states. These are cornerstone areas which are going to be in demand in the near future.

The FEFU Strategic Approach

  • Innovative character of the educational and research processes.
  • Flexible educational process, cooperation with leading universities of the world, introduction of new standards and educational programs.
  • Regular training of faculty.
  • Creation of start-ups.
  • Cooperation with the leading research, education and innovation organizations of the APR states.

The FEFU Features  


    The FEFU is the first university in Russia which boasts the unique infrastructure in a single, modern campus on Russky Island. The campus will be first opened during the APEC Summit in September 2012 and will become a venue for cooperation and association of young researchers and experienced scientists from the APR states. Presidents of 21 world-leading economies will present the keys to the campus to the university rector.

    The campus of the Far Eastern Federal University consists of multimedia classrooms, laboratories, interactive classrooms, comfortable student dormitories, stadiums, gyms and swimming pools. There is also a world-class congress-center, modern medical clinic, laboratories cooperating with the institutions of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

    Integrated Information System of the campus combines a universal e-card, e-university services, internal and educational portals.


    The Russian traditional educational three-level structure "Institute - Faculty - Department" is replaced in the FEFU with an international two-level system: "School - Department." The new structure differs from the traditional one mainly in the type of educational and scientific management which is implemented by Schools, subdivided according to their educational profile:

    • School of Engineering
    • School of Natural Sciences
    • School of Humanities
    • School of Economy and Management
    • School of Education
    • School of Biomedicine
    • School of Law
    • School of Regional and International Studies
    • School of Arts, Culture and Sports

Teaching staff

    The FEFU teachers regularly refresh their skills and undergo training at the world leading universities. Moreover, the number of the FEFU teachers who speak fluent English and can deliver lectures and seminars in the foreign language will amount 60% ​​of the staff in the near future.


    The university has developed a system of incentives to motivate and attract talented youth from all over Russia and the APR states. For example, paid travel to Vladivostok is offered to applicants from other regions of the Russian Federation who scored high on state exams.

    The system of educational activity motivation includes grants and special programs to support research and business initiatives of graduate and PhD students. Scholarships for the brightest students and applicants, funding cultural and sports activities are provided by regional authorities.

    The number of foreigners at the FEFU by 2019 is projected to reach 25% of all students, all conducive preconditions for that are in place. Today the campus on Russky Island  is fit for comfortable accommodation of 11,000 people.

Science and innovations

    The FEFU is responsible for creation of an innovative economy in the region. The University is the platform for construction of innovative infrastructure. Technology transfer center, Nanocenter, Technopark are the part of it. Innovation process is supported by major Russian and foreign companies, some of which have already reached the agreement with the FEFU on implementation of a number of investment projects.

    The FEFU competitive advantage is close interaction with the Russian Academy of Sciences. This cooperation will be developed in joint laboratories and main departments. Moreover, the construction plan of the campus on Russky Island provides for the establishment of the departments for the joint work with the Russian Academy of Sciences, for cooperation of the scientists from the FEFU and from the Far Eastern Branch of RAS.

Student Life

    The university students have unique opportunities to choose from various scientific fields and develop leadership qualities. Students will not only live and study on the island but also acquire the first job experience and the first salary. The campus alone provides approximately 1,500 jobs.

    Study at the FEFU involves a variety of affairs, various international events, training, voluntary activity, charity, creative and business projects.


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