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Orenburg State Institute of Management

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OSIM offers educational programmes of higher education and secondary higher education as well as pre-institute programmes. Graduates of OSIM are awarded a State Diploma of the Russian Federation.

OSIM is a member of SCO University Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The decision to include OSIM (among 16 Russian Universities) in the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO University) was made on 16th September on the Summit of universities of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Novosibirsk.

In May 2011 a memorandum on the establishment of Vietnam-Russian Technological University was signed. The memorandum includes an agreement to hold lectures by professors of OSIM in Vietnam and an internship program between OSIM and Vietnam-Russian Technological University.

More than 100 foreign students from 18 countries study in Orenburg State Institute of Management on master and bachelor programs now. The students from the following countries study in OSIM now: Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Republic of Chad, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, the Republic of Yemen, Equatorial Guinea, Belorussia, Armenia and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Orenburg State Institute of Management welcomes applicants to the following programs:

Bachelor degree

080100.62 Economics
080200.62 Management
080500.62 Business Informatics
081100.62 State and Municipal Management
090900.62 Information Security
100400.62 Tourism
222000.62 Innovation
031600.62 Advertising and Public Relations
034700.62 Document Studies and Archives
051000.62 Professional Education
230700.62 Applied Informatics
210700.62 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
036000.62 Intellectual Systems in Humanitarian Sphere
230400.62 Information Security
100100.62 Service
100800.62 Commodity Research
120700.62 Land Management and Cadastres
100700.62 Business
221400.62 Quality management
035000.62 Publishing

Master degree:

080100.68 Economics
080200.68 Managament
080500.68 Business-informatics
100400.68 Tourism
230700.68 Applied Informatics
081100.68 State and Municipal Management
081200.68 State Audit

Aspirantura (Post-graduate courses)

08.00.01 Economic Theory

OSIM offers top quality short-term programs for international students. If you don't speak Russian, we offer special language courses for foreign students (duration - 1 year).
Now, OSIM is the only institute in a region that offers the Program for Training Managers and Executives for National Economy Enterprises of the Russian Federation and MBA studies.

OSIM today:

  • has a highly qualified teaching personnel;
  • has branches in several towns of the Ural region;
  • has a computerized library with over 50000 items, including books, journals and periodicals in a variety of fields;
  • has a Computer and Internet Centre;
  • has free Wi-Fi connection in every education building;
  • has classrooms with audiovisual equipment;
  • publishes an annual scientific journal;
  • participates in international programmes;
  • has partner relationships with Augsburg University (Germany);
  • conducts annual International Forum "Russia as Transformational Society: Economics, Management and Culture".
  • organizes all-Russian educational events.

Medical Aid.
We have staff with first aid training available at all the times to deal with emergencies. All but the most minor problems are referred to the local doctor.

There is a modern and comfortable canteen with free Wi-Fi connection in OSIM.
The canteen provides students with a choice of food dishes (including Russian, European and vegetarian cuisine) for lunch and dinner as well as a variety of snacks and drinks. It is also used for refreshments at break-times.
Average lunch bill - 3 EUR

The hostel is situated on the territory of Student Sport Centre "Iskra".
•      A dwelling unit includes a hall and a bathroom for two double rooms;
•      Constant transfer  OSIM - Hostel - OSIM by bus;
•      You can invite guests until 11p.m.;
•      Convenient location close to the City Centre;
•      Free access to the Internet (Wi-Fi or ethernet);
•      Laundry facilities (Laundry rooms with dryers are open 24/7 and can be used free of charge);
•      Bedding.

Orenburg is a multicultural city on the Ural River which draws the border between Europe and Asia. The Orenburg region is situated on the border of forests and steppes, mountains and plains. This makes the nature of the region really unique.

Orenburg is a city, where:
• 119 nationalities reside.
• The most numerous are the Tatars, the Kazakhs, the Ukrainians, the Bashkirs, the Mordvins and the Germans.
• the European and Asian cultures cross.
• the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin studied in the Military Aviation Pilot School.
• the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin collected information for his History of Pugatchev Revolt.
• the French novelist Maurice Druon had the information about his ancestors discovered.
• a new transcontinental highway "The New Silk Road" from Europe to Western China is being built. Orenburg plays a key role in this project, being the gateway from Europe to Asia.

Contact Us
Via e-mail: international
By phone/fax :  +7 (3532) 305-000 .
Address: 16 Volgogradskaya str., Orenburg, Russia, 460038.

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