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Vyatka State Humanities University (VSHU)

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Established: 1914
Legal form: Public
Country: Russian Federation
Location: Kirov

Faculty and staff: 600
Students: 12000

Study language: Russian
About the university:

Vyatka State University of Humanities is the oldest and the largest higher educational establishment in Kirov Region. All the history of the University is the evidence of the profound educational and scientific tradition, constant growth and encompassing new branches of learning and research.

Nowadays, as it has done throughout its history, the University retains the role of a forefront center of learning, teaching and research in Volgo-Vyatka Area. Its academics and students follow the long-standing traditions of the highest academic standards and democratic ideals. VSHU graduates take top positions in state and local governing bodies, in the management of domestic and international companies. There is also a great number of prominent scholars, honored teachers, Olympic champions among them.

At present the University offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. Its undergraduate and graduate students may choose one of the 75 qualifications in its 15 faculties, while post-graduate students may specialize in 12 branches of science and humanities and in 37 different areas. The total number of students exceeds 12, 000.

High quality of teaching is guaranteed by close integration of science and education, continuous improving of training programs, teaching methodology, development of resource base. The research potential of the staff meets up-to-date standards of higher education. The academic staff numbers 600 instructors and scientists including over 384 holders of candidate degrees, 83 professors and 33 correspondent members of Science Academies. 25 research laboratories, authoritative scientific schools give an opportunity to conduct large-scale research activities. The university library has 6 reading halls where students and faculty have over 1 million volumes at their disposal. Modern computer and information equipment allows introducing state-of-art educational technologies.

Students' Scientific Society contributes to involving in research work undergraduates and post-graduates, who are regular participants and winners of international, all-Russia and regional competitions, contests, olympiads and exhibitions in different subjects. VSHU is also an important cultural center of the city.  There are some amateur dancing and music groups and clubs such as a choir and a drama club, which arrange concerts, performances and theatre productions. The students of the University are intensively engaged in sports and various extra curricular activities.

At present the University includes 6 buildings, 4 dormitories, 5 university canteens, a botanical garden, agrobiostation, a swimming pool, many sport-grounds and gymasiums.

Academic and ranking:
VSHU is in top ten Humanities Universities of Russia according to 2011 RIA "Novosti" rating

The campus: urban

Faculty of History

  • Chair of world history
  • Chair of national history

Faculty of Philology

  • Chair of Russian language
  • Chair of Russian and foreign literature

Faculty of Linguistics

  • Chair of Roman and Germanic philology
  • Chair of translation
  • Chair of English and German languages
  • Chair of foreign languages for non-linguistic majors

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Chair of social work
  • Chair of social services and tourism
  • Chair of editing and publishing services

Faculty of Law

  • Chair of civil law
  • Chair of criminal law
  • Chair of state and law

Faculty of Psychology

  • Chair of general and special psychology
  • Chair of practice psychology

Faculty of Philosophy and Culture Studies

  • Chair of philosophy and sociology
  • Chair of culture studies

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography

  • Chair of biology
  • Chair of geography

Faculty of Chemistry

  • Chair of chemistry
  • Chair of ecology

Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Physics

  • Chair of general physics
  • Chair of theoretical physics and methods of teaching physics
  • Chair of algebra and discreet mathematics
  • Chair of mathematical analysis and methods of teaching mathematics
  • Chair of applied mathematics and informatics
  • Chair of information technologies

Faculty of Technology and Design

  • Chair of theory and methods of teaching technology
  • Chair of design and visual arts

Faculty of Education

  • Chair of pedagogics
  • Chair of pre-school and elementary education

Faculty of Physical Culture

  • Chair of medical-biological subjects
  • Chair of sports and methods of teaching sports
  • Chair of adaptive physical culture
  • Chair of physical culture

Faculty of Economics

  • Chair of commerce and marketing
  • Chair of economics
  • Chair of accounting, analysis and audit

Faculty of Management

  • Chair of state and municipal management
  • Chair of economic theory and labor management

Joint educational program "2+2" with Heihe University (China)
Preparatory courses (Russian language) for foreigners
Summer school in Russian language and culture


Tatyana Shcherbakova,
Director of International Office
Vyatka State Humanities University
tel.: (8332) 37.02.26

Alexander Pestov
Assistant Director of International Office
+7 (8332) 37.02.26

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