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Vyatka State Humanities University
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Vyatka State Humanities University

Vyatka State Humanities University is located in the City of Kirov, the center of the Kirov Region, founded in 1374
Kirov and Kirov Region

  • Kirov is located 896 km to the north-east of Moscow on the Vyatka River, its population is about 500 000 people.
  • Continental climate with moderately frosty winter and warm summer
  • The city is on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the federal highway "Vyatka", there are daily flights to Moscow, bus connection with Kasan, Syktyvkar, Ufa, Yoshkar-Ola, Izhevsk and other centers of neighbouring regions and republics.
  • Kirov has modern economic, bank and telecommunication systems, big shopping and entertaining centers ("Jam Mall", "Kinomax", "METRO Cash & Carry", etc.), fast food nets "McDonald's", "Subway" etc.
  • Well-known brands such as IKEA, Candy, Teka, Pirelli, Mobel&Zeit have their production facilities in Kirov.
  • Kirov is the place for many Russian and international art festivals, contests and exhibitions, sport competitions (International dance festival, All-Russia festival of puppet theatres "Vyatka - the city of childhood", International Vasnetsovs' Plein Air, World Championships and World Cup Competitions in ice climbing, wrestling, All-Russia and World Youth Championships in basketball, judo, Russian hockey).
  • The Kirov Region boasts of rich natural, historic and cultural resources: wildlife reserves "Nurgush" and "Bylina", Nizhne-Ivkino health resort zone, the world largest pareyazavr site in Kotelnich, sacred groves of Finno-Ugors, places of finding icons of Christian Saints, the family residence of artists Vasnetsovs, over a dozen of saved unique folk arts and crafts, including Dymkovo toys

Vyatka State Humanities University

  • The first higher educational establishment of the Kirov Region founded in 1914.
  • Over 12 thousand students from 36 regions of Russia an 8 foreign states.
  • 15 departments and the college educates bachelors on 49 programs in Humanities, Physics and Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Studies, Pedagogics, Technology and others. VSHU offers 24 master courses, 14 post-graduate courses (aspirantura), 5 doctorate courses (doktorantura).
  • There are 25 scientific research laboratories; scientific schools in ecology, philosophy, history, archeology, nanochemistry, philology; Innovative Educational Center for Space Services, Regional Center of Ecological Biomonitoring, Volgo-Vyatsky Regional Scientific Educational Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Center for Studies of Russian Germans' History, Culture and Language; scientific educational centers of humanities, psychological and pedagogical innovations, applied mathematics, informatics and information technologies, etc.
  • 607 tutors, among them 82 doctors of sciences, 313 candidates of sciences, and two members of the Russian Academy of Education.
  • International academic exchange programs with the universities of the USA, Germany, France, China, etc.
  • Internet access to the VSHU scientific library information resources, academic buildings and student dormitories are equipped with Wi-Fi.
  • The Student Theatre, the Classical Choir, the Vocal Studio, the Modern Ballet Company, the Fashion Show, the TV studio, the Newspaper and the Stand-up Club.
  • Sports Complex for 1000 seats with a track and field athletics arena and swimming pool, five gyms for games, wrestling and gymnastics.
  • Four dormitories for 1600 inhabitants, catering facilities (5 dining rooms and 5 cafeterias).
  • VSHU is in the top ten Humanities Universities of Russia according to 2010 National Rating of higher educational establishments (International agency "Interfax", radiostation "Echo of Moscow") 2011 ratings of Higher School of Economics and RIA "Novosti"