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North Osetian State University After K. L. Khetagurov

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Founded in 1920, North Ossetian State University (NOSU) today is one of the most efficient universities in the North Caucasus.

The university comprises 82 departments and is home to 902 faculty members, including 116 full doctors of sciences and 474 candidates of sciences. Our community of scholars is committed to excellence and maintains the noble traditions of previous generations of scientists and academics. Many NOSU professors and teachers hold honorary titles of Russian Federation and Republic of North Ossetia - Alania for their distinguished contribution to science and education.

North Ossetian State University named after Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov is a multidisciplinary classical university and a renowned center of educational, scientific and cultural development of the Republic. It is one of the top rank universities in Russian space of higher education. The university has 23 faculties that provide studies and training in 41 specialties, 27 bachelor and 15 master degree programs, 40 postgraduate and 2 doctoral programs.

Department (Terms of study)

Faculty of Biology
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
020400.62 Biology
260100.62 Food Science and Technology
Master Program (2 years)
020400.68 Ecology

Faculty of Geography and Ecology
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
021000.62 Geography
022000.62 Ecology and Nature Management
100400.62 Tourism
120700.62 Land Management and Cadastres
Master programs (2 years)
021000.68 Ecology and Social Geography
022000.68 Land Management (program "Ecology")

Faculty of Journalism
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
031300.62 Journalism

Faculty of Foreign Languages
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
035700.62 Linguistics
Master program (2 years)
035700.68 Comparative Linguistics

Faculty of Fine Arts
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
050100.62 Teachers training program "Fine Arts"
Specialty (5 years)
070301.65 Performing Arts
070501.65 Stage Direction

Faculty of History
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
030600.62 History
Master program (2 years)
030600.68 History and Culture of Russian Regions

Faculty of Mathematics
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
010100.62 Mathematics
010400.62 Applied Mathematics and Informatics
230100.62 Informatics and Computer Science
Master program (2 years)
010100.68 Mathematical Analysis

Faculty of International Relations
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
080100.62 World Economy
Master program (2 years)
080100.68 Financial Economics

Faculty of Ossetian Philology
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
032700.62 Ossetian Language and Literature
Master program (2 years)
032700.68 Ossetian Language

Faculty of Teacher Training
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
050400.62 Psychology and Pedagogics
050100.62 Primary Education
Preschool Education

Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
030300.62 Psychology
040100.62 Sociology
Master programs (2 years)
030300.68 Social Psychology
040100.68 Modern Methods and Technologies of Society Problems Analysis

Faculty of Russian Philology
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
032700.62 Philology
Master program (2 years)
032700.68 Philology

Faculty of Social Work
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
040400.62 Social Work
Master program (2 years)
040400.68 Social Work with different Population Groups

Stomatological Faculty
Specialty (5 years)
060201.65 Stomatology

Pharmaceutical Faculty
Specialty (5 years)
060301.65 Pharmacy

Faculty of Physics
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
011200.62 Physics
262200.62 Designing of Light Industry Items
Master program (2 years)
011200.68 Semiconductor Physics, Microelectronics

Faculty of Physical Training
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
034300.62 Physical Training

Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
020100.62 Сhemistry
100800.62 Merchandising
Master program (2 years)
020100.68 Inorganic Chemistry

Faculty of Economics
Undergraduate Program (4 years)
080100.62 Economics
Master program (2 years)
080100.68 Trade Market and Firm Economics

Faculty of Management
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
080200.62 Management
081100.62 Public and Municipal Management
Master program (2 years)
080800.68 Project management

Faculty of Law
Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
030900.62 Jurisprudence
Master program (2 years)
030900.68 Civil Law, Constitutional/Public Law

North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurov has 5 Doctoral and Candidate degree Dissertation Councils.

Major Scientific Research Areas:

  1. Mathematical logic, Algebra and Theory of Numbers.
  2. Physics and Technology of Condensed State (including semiconductors).
  3. Physics and Technology of Nanostructures: Magnetic Nanomaterials, Organic Semiconductors.
  4. Organic Single Electron Transfer Reactions.
  5. Development, quality research and marketing of new drugs.
  6. Environmental Management and Ecology. Sustainable development of mountain areas.
  7. The Quality Improving Indicators of Food based on Traditional and Non-traditional Regional Products.
  8. Improvement of Product Designing and Clothing Manufacture Ways.
  9. Urgent problems of public development (formation) and improvement of law.
  10. Security and Counteracting to Terrorism.
  11. Philosophy and Methodology of Science. Science Problems of Philosophy.
  12. Development of Ethnoregional Educational Systems. Pedagogical and Psychological aspects of Education and Upbringing.
  13. History and Archeology of People from Caucasus .
  14. Sociolinguistic basis for activation of well-balanced bilingualism and Lingoudidactic aspects of International Relations
  15. Major Problems Aspects of Cognitive Linguistics.
  16. South-Russian Economics Relating to Globalization and Regionalization

Our students and staff on campus can enjoy convenient academic facilities, a library with a rich collection of books and spacious reading rooms, academic and research laboratories, a Multiple-Access Center "Physics and Technology of Nanostructures", computer classes, a sports complex, a recreation center, comfortable dormitories.The university has its own TV studio and issues a monthly newspaper "Smena".

Published by the University scientific journal "Bulletin of the North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurov" entered the list of the leading reviewing scientific journals and publications, and is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation for publications of major scientific results of dissertations for the Postgraduate and Doctor degrees. The journal is published periodically, 4 issues a year, and has an electronic version

Our student ensemble of popular dance "Iriston" and a student volleyball team "Iriston" receive honorable recognition both nationwide and outside the Republic.

Our Faculty for Pre-University Training provides professional help in choosing a career and preparing for university entrance.
NOSU Faculty for Advanced Training offers the Program on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation. This program contributes to the development of effective management system.

Contact Information:
North Ossetian State University after K. L. Khetagurov
362025, Vatutina 44-46 Street, Vladikavkaz, Republic North Ossetia-Alania
Rectors office: (8672) 53-52-01
Admissions department: (8672) 53-98-24
Chancellery office: (8672) 53-91-12

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