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National Mineral Resources University of Mines

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Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Training "National Mineral Resources University of Mines" is the first higher technical educational institution in Russia. It was founded in 1773 by a decree of the Russian Empress Catherine II and belongs to the category of National Research Universities.

Mining University enjoys the status of a state educational institution and is one of the most valued examples of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Until 1899 Mining University was the only mining and technical institution of higher learning in Russia and was one of the originators of creation mineral resources base of ore-dressing and metallurgical complexes in Russia.

Since its foundation Mining University has trained more than 40000 engineers and a galaxy of specialists and scientists who have gained world-wide recognition.

Since 1946 the University has been training experts for different countries and has an extensive experience in training foreign students, postgraduates, doctoral students, trainees and participants in the Russian language course.

Since then Mining University has trained more than 4000 students from more than 80 countries. About one - third of them are African students.

At present there are nearly 600 foreign students. The University provides bachelor's and master's degree programs, as well as programs training engineers (specialists) to students from overseas in all specialties at 8 faculties. These programs are financed from the federal budget and on a contract basis.

The University has 11 academic councils for foreign students to defend Doctoral and PhD dissertations of the highest qualification in 27 specialties.

Advanced training programs to improve foreign specialists' qualifications are held annually at some departments.

Since 1987 the University has been organizing training courses of the Russian language and literature for foreign students. In 1996 they got the status of the International educational center in which over 300 foreign students study every year. In 1997 the University began to run preparatory classes for enrollees.

Mining University manages cooperation agreements with major foreign universities and educational centers in the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, China, Australia, Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia and many others.

Taking into consideration high qualification requirements and demand for the University graduates in market conditions Mining University was among the first higher educational institutions to modernize its educational and laboratory complex attracting interest of the largest national and foreign companies. Among Russian companies the University maintains cooperation with are companies that are in the Supervisory Board and which are partners of the University. They are JS Company "Fosagro", CJSC "Metal-group", JS Company "Gazpromneft", CJSC "Group of companies "Titan", JS Company "Surgutneftegaz", JS Company "Novatek", CJSC "Russian copper company". Among the largest foreign organizations that Mining University cooperates with  are many oil and gas companies such as "Total" (France), "British Petroleum" (Great Britain), National coal and minerals corporation "Vinakomin" (Vietnam), diamond mining company  "Endiama"(Angola), gold mining company "MAK" (Mongolia), Joint Venture "Erdenet" and "Mongolrostsvetmet" (Mongolia).

Mining University which is famous for its active participation in many international programs and projects, organization of numerous symposia and conferences has turned into one of the major educational and scientific centers both in Russia and abroad. All this makes the University more attractive for foreign students wishing to get education corresponding to modern standards.

One of the comfortable University hostels houses the International Friendship Club (300m2) equipped with all modern TV, video- and audio systems. It is also proud of the highest level of computerization and gaming equipment where foreign students can hold meetings of their communities, celebrate their birthdays, national and New Year's holidays, organize international and cultural events and meetings with members of embassies and consulates.

The Club is well-known and very popular with foreign students studying at Saint-Petersburg higher educational institutions. In 2008 it was recognized as the best organizer of international cooperation in the review competition held by Saint-Petersburg Committee on Science and High School. It has already become a good tradition to hold annually an international event "A Meeting of Cultures" in which not only Russian and foreign students of the Mining University but also students from other educational institutions of Saint-Petersburg take part.

Mining University today is:

    → the best academic education in the field of geology, mining, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, economics;
    → teaching staff of the highest qualification;
    → world-wide recognized qualifications and diplomas;
    → unique research facilities;
    → the latest dial-up network, the highest level of scientific research and training process computerization;
    → the unique Mining Museum which is among the three best museums of its kind in the world;
    → one of the richest collections of books and periodicals of the Library which is estimated to have one and a half million editions on science and technology and which is of great historic value;
    → wide scientific and business ties with the largest enterprises and companies both in Russia and abroad.

Dean's Office for Foreign Students
tel: (812) 328-86-42; (812) 328-82-55
fax: (812) 328-86-42

Source: National Mineral Resources University of Mines

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