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Volga Region Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism

Volga region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism has been founded by the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation in July, 2010 in the framework of the Universiade 2013 Legacy Concept. In general, the history of the Academy has 43 years.


Volga region state Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism is the first sports University in Volga Federal district and the branch University of Russia, which has the best conditions in Russia and modern programs providing training of highly qualified specialists and athletes, development and implementation of advanced scientific technologies and products, based on the integration of high - quality professional education and sports training, scientific and applied research. The Academy effectively solves branch tasks, combining interests of the individual and the state, it is widely known and enjoys authority in the professional community in the territory of Russia and abroad.

Strategic objective:
To complete by 2020 the creation on the basis of the university of a federal institution "new type", which is:
- the main supplier of specialists for the field of physical culture and sports in the region and district;
- an active participant in the development of branch science and innovation in the preparation of sports reserve;
- the basis for training the sports reserve, leading athletes and teams, holding key sport events;
- information and communication platform for the professional industry community, the center for accumulation and dissemination of best practices in Russia and abroad.

Brief facts:
Total number of students from 244 in 2011 has been increased to 2,800 in 2017.
There are 70 regions of Russia and 15 foreign countries representatives among the students, 5 honored masters of sports of Russia, 26 masters of sports of international class, 216 masters of sports of Russia and 358 candidates for master are studying at the university.
Total number of teachers: 220 people
Total area: 279 000 m2
Sport facilities: 8 educational and sports complexes.

Our advantages:
High-tech modern sport facilities
Implementation of information technologies in education
Qualified coaches
Collaboration with world leading sport associations
Volunteering services during mega sport events
Comfortable campus

Our partners:
The international University sports Federation FISU
International Association of physical education and sports universities
International Council for Sports Science and Physical Education ICSSPE
Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism
Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture
Rakhimov Tajik Institute of Physical Culture
Academy of Physical Education and Sport of Gdansk (Poland)
Szczecin University (Poland)
Capital University of physical education and sports of Beijing
Catholic University of San Antonio (Spain)
University of Georgia (USA)
University of Tartu (Estonia)
Academy of Le Pans (France)
University of Novi Sad (Serbia)
University of Central Lancashire (UK)

Foreign students speaking:
"Our Academy is different from many Russian universities.
There are all opportunities for quality education, self-development and self-realization. While studying here, I get invaluable organizational experience".

Minlikaev Kamran
Grgraduate student, Azerbaijan
Specialty: Physical education
Chairman of the foreign students Club 
"I am glad that I have entered Volga Academy, because now for me, as a master of sports, there are great opportunities for studying many disciplines in sports field. Here I met many students from near and far abroad countries".

Safina Camilla
Undergraduate, Kazakhstan
Specialty: Sports


 Educational Laboratory Case
78 lecture rooms
Library with a book storage for 200 000 copies
Museum of student sport history 
Concert hall (seating capacity - 1 350)

Sport  facilities
Indoor swimming pool " Burevestnik"
Kazan Tennis Academy
Football and athletics stadium
Ice palace "Zilant"
Gymnastics center
Rowing center
Aquatics center
Badminton center

Campus of Volga Region Academy includes 7 buildings in Universiade Village. Total capacity - 3 050 people. Each block of flats is equipped with:
Double, triple and quadruple room apartments with bathrooms
Laundry service
Ironing room
First-aid post
Video hall
Computer room
Accommodation area is a pedestrian zone. Educational Laboratory building and sport facilities are located within walking distance.

Educational programs

Undergraduate programs

49.03.01 Physical culture
Profiles: Sport training in favored sports: athletics, skiing, football, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, rowing, kayak and canoeing, wrestling, tennis, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, swimming, synchronized swimming, figure skating, acrobatic rock and roll, taekwondo, boxing.

  1. Russian language
  2. Biology
  3. Physical fitness testing

49.03.01 Physical culture

  1. Sport management;
  2. Physical education.

49.03.02 Physical culture for people with disabilities
Profile: Physical rehabilitation

49.03.03 Recreation, sporting and wellness tourism
Profile: sporting and recreational tourism

  1. Russian language
  2. Biology
  3. Physical fitness testing

44.03.01 Pedagogical education
Profile: physical culture

  1. Russian language
  2. Social studies
  3. Physical fitness testing

43.03.01 Service
Profile: organization of service activity

  1. Russian language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social studies

43.03.02 Tourism
Profile: Technologies and organization of tour agencies

43.03.03 Hospitality
Profile: Hotel industry

  1. Russian language
  2. Social studies
  3. History

Graduate programs

49.04.01 Physical culture

  1. Training of elite athletes in favored sports.

Exam: Theory and methods of physical culture

  1. Management in physical culture and sports

Exam: Theory and methods of physical culture and management

49.04.03 Sports
Profile: Theory and methods of athletes training in sport games
Exam: Sport theory
Profile: Theory and methods of elite sport
Exam: Theory of elite sport

49.04.02 Physical culture for people with disabilities
Exam: Theory and organization of physical culture for people with disabilities

44.04.01 Pedagogical education
Exam: Pedagogics in sporting activities

43.04.01 Service
Profile: establishment and development of service providers

43.04.02 Tourism
Profile: establishment and development of tourism providers
Exam: professionally focused exam

Postgraduate programs
06.06.01 Biological Sciences
49.06.01 Physical culture and sport

Russian language courses for foreign students
Courses include general comprehension and special vocabulary in chosen fields of study - "Physical culture and sport", "Tourism, service and hospitality". Course duration depends on initial level.

Executive secretary - Nabiullin Ravil Rasipovich
420010, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Universiade Village, 35
+7 (843) 294-90-90
8 800 250 50 59 (Russia toll-free)

International cooperation department
Head of department - Gayvoronskaya Veronika Olegovna
tel.: (843) 294 90 50
Universiade village, 35,room 1004
e-mail :
official web site 

Academy in social media:

For additional information check in profile Volga region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism

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