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Yugra State University

Yugra State University founded in 2001 in Khanty-Mansiysk is one of the youngest and promising universities in Russia. Its mission is to promote social and economical development of the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug - Yugra by introduction of innovative technologies, increasing of the human capital quality and keeping ecological balance in the region, and also augmentation of heritage of the indigenous peoples living in the Russian North.

Located in the "oil garner" of Russia the University has a modern campus equipped with high-tech facilities and comfort conditions for studying and living. The campus comprises 7 5-floor dormitories for about 3,000 students. They live in 2-room flats with kitchens, toilet facilities and bathrooms. Each dormitory has also a laundry and a cafeteria.

There are 4,500 students studying at Yugra State University at the following institutes:

- Institute of Control Systems and IT;
- Institute of Natural Resources Management;
- Institute of Liberal Arts;
- Institute of Management and Economics;
- Polytechnic Institute;
- Institute of Additional Education;
- Institute of Law.

                Bachelor and Specialist program majors are:

230100.62 "Informatics and Computer Science"
022000.68 "Ecology and Management of Natural Resources"
020201.65 "Fundamental and Applied Chemistry"
270800.62. "Civil Engineering"
190600.62 "Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Systems"
140400.62 "Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering"
280700.62 "Technosphere Safety"
032700.62 "Philology"
031300.62 "Journalism"
050400.62 "Psychological and Pedagogical Education"
035700.62 "Linguistics"
034300.62 "Physical Training"
030900.62 "Law"
080100.62 "Economics"
080200.62 "Management"
080200.62 "State and Municipal Management"
100400.62 "Tourism"

Master program majors are:

010400.62 "Applied Mathematics and Informatics"
022000 "Ecology and Management of Natural Resources"
020400 "Biology"
140400 "Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering"
020100 "Chemistry"
032700 "Philology"
032300 "Physical Training"
034500 "Sport"
034300 "Physical Training for the disabled"
030600 "History"
080100 "Economics"
030900 "Law"

There is the UNESCO department "Environmental dynamics and global climate changes" at the Yugra State University. It comprises laboratories and a field station Mukhrino, which is a part of the INTERACT project (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic). Annually over 100 Russian and foreign researches attend the station with the aim of studying biodiversity, carbon balance, heat and water of the natural wetland landscapes.

Among other research centers there are the centers "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials", "Hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon deposits: exploring, extraction and processing", "Ecological challenges of oil-producing areas" and others. The Institute of Northern Peoples was established in order to preserve ethnical identity and cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the North.

At Yugra State University one can study not only English, German and French, but also such languages as Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Khanty and Mansy. Ten student exchange programs are implemented with the universities from Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Spain. Yugra State University is a part of the Arctic University network.

Our University is the only educational institute in the Urals that was entitled to open the center of preparation of volunteers for the Olympic Games in Sochi. It has also good sport facilities: 50-meter swimming pool, gyms, a sport complex where student can go in for sports: hockey, basketball, volleyball, arena football, athletics, swimming, diving, aerobics, powerlifting, tourism etc. There are drama studios, a tourist club, dance studios and so on.

Khanty-Mansiysk itself provides lots of opportunities to spend time interestingly and effectively. The town has hosted the biathlon world cup (by the way, one of the most famous Russian biathletes Olympic champion Svetlana Sleptsova is a graduate of Yugra State University). Khanty-Mansisk hosts annually the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships, different international forums (e.g. EU-Russia forum), the international debut film festival "Spirit of fire". There are two mountain ski centers with funiculars in the town where people go skiing and snowboarding. There are also several ethnographic museum including one in the open air, a unique complex Arkheopark, and almost half of the town's territory is covered with giant fir and cedars trees of the nature park called Samarovskiy Chugas.

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