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National Research University of Electronic Technology MIET

National Research University of Electronic Technology MIET (formerly known as Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, MIET) was founded in 1965 in Zelenograd to be one of the most important steps in generation of the national electronic industry and to provide this quickly growing industry with specialists in microelectronics of a highest level.

In the present time National Research University MIET is Russia's leading high school specializing in training specialists in high-end technologies. There are 12 departments, 34 major chairs and 20 chairs based at the leading electronic companies, postgraduate and doctorate programs and a Moscow regional center of new information technologies operating within the University structure. The University stuff includes 650 teachers and scientific advisors, including 3 members and 3 associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 130 professors and doctors of sciences as well as assistant professors; the University is currently providing training to 5100 students and more than 250 post graduate and doctorate students, holding 30 Bachelor and 24 Masters education programs. In the recent years new Bachelor and Masters programs have been opened within the University, such as Information Security, Bioengineering Systems and Technologies, Information Systems and Technologies, Technosphere Safety, Material Sciences and Technologies, Quality Control, Linguistics, Design and others. Programs of professional training in high technologies in partnership with the leading international companies including Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, ORACLE, Hewlett Packard , Microsoft, National Instruments, Cisco and others have been implemented. A College of electronics and computer studies has been created to provide secondary vocational education of specialists for companies based in Zelenograd. Within the recent years the University has been ranked within top 5 among 160 technical high schools of the country according to the official rating by Ministry of Education and Sciences. In 2006 MIET was listed among 17 winners of the national priority project "Obrazovanie" among leading high schools implementing innovation training programs.

In April 2010 the University won a competition among the high schools development programs and the Government of Russia assigned it a high status of the National Research University.

Foreign Affairs

Starting with 1995 foreign affairs has been an essential part of the University operations. It is realized in the following directions:

    - expansion of relations with international universities;
    - training international students, postgraduates and trainees;
    - pursuance of joint scientific researches;
    - participation of the University students, postgraduates and employees in provision of international academic mobility.

During these past years 646 foreign citizens have been trained including 35 PhD students.

Currently MIET is providing training to approximately 200 foreign students, mostly from the far-abroad countries. The main body of the foreign students of MIET consists of the citizens of the Union of Mianmar, trained within an Agreement signed with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Union of Mianmar. Traditionally the University provides training to a considerable number of the students from the former Soviet Union including the CIS and Baltic countries, Abkhasia and others.

Since 2006 the University hosts Moscow-Bavarian student school MB-JASS (Joint Advanced Student School) in such its units as Nanotechnologies, Methods of processing of biomedical signals and data, Telecommunications etc. The School is organized by MIET and Munich Technical University - one of the leading European technical high schools. Also participating are students and professors from other universities, on the Russian side there are Lomonosov State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University etc.

MIET collaborates with a number of leading high schools of Europe, Asia and the USA. On a regular basis it hosts lectures of internationally recognized professors and representatives of large trans-national companies. Separate Masters courses are delivered in English by invited foreign teachers.  Since 2012 MIET students participate in a double degree programs with Glyndwr University, The United Kingdom, and University of Carl Linnaeus, Sweden.

Programs of specialists training are implemented at MIET in collaboration with a number of foreign leaders in hi-tech - Microsoft, Cisco systems, Cadence, Synopsys, Freescale Semiconductor, Mentor Graphics and others. Together with these companies international training centers with similar operation principles are built - international partners of the University provide state-of-the-art hardware and software, enabling training of unique specialists able upon graduation to work with world-class technologies.

Concert hall of MIET

 The University commands its own Concert hall situated at a separate building. It has a 640-seats auditorium where all major University festive and cultural occasions take place, as well as rooms for amateur clubs and creative teams gatherings, spacious lobbies and entrance halls, all of which are decorated by unique Volumetric and Spatial Compositions made in stoving enamel on copper. During the whole academic year the Concert hall lobbies host lessons in ballroom dancing, art and photo exhibitions, dance programs, discos and other events.  

Sport complex

The university provides its students and postgraduates with excellent sports opportunities. Its large sport complex includes 25-meter 6-lanes swimming pool, indoor playground for basketball, volleyball and mini-football, an aerobic room, a workout room, a stadium with football pitch, racetracks, tennis courts, mini-football fields and a ski lodge. 

Student dormitory

MIET dormitory is situated outside of the main university territory in a forestry area in 25 minutes walk or 15 minutes by bus from the University. The dormitory complex consists of one 11-storeyed and four 5-storeyed interconnected buildings that can accommodate more than 2000 students.

A library, reference and study room, health unit, sanatorium resort, canteen, training rooms of the Design department, computer training center, 24-hour self-instruction room, guest rooms for visiting student parents, locker room, 2 sport areas, dancing studio and a club are situated on the territory of the dormitory.

4 times MIET was a prize winner in different categories in an annual Moscow competition Our Student Home among student dormitories of the city.

The dormitory hosts groups in weight-lifting, martial arts, table tennis. Football and Volleyball teams of the dormitory play in the First and the Premier league of Zelenograd. There is also a hockey team.

The dormitory is also a home for hustle dance club, Faisa oriental dance club, hip-hop sudio, Funky style dance club, DJ club, fire-show studio and several music bands.

Since 1995 a local computer network is operating and evolving within the Dormitory. During these years the network from an innovation has become a real student community consolidating 5 dormitory buildings and more than 1500 people.  

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