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Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University" (Kalashnikov ISTU) - former Izhevsk Mechanical Institute - was established on February 22, 1952. In February 2014 the university was named after the legendary small arms designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov.

Today Kalashnikov ISTU is one of the largest research and educational centers of Privolzhsky Federal District targeted at training human resources in engineering and other high-priority specialties and educational areas.

800 lecturers are involved in the teaching process, among them 1 Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, 24 Academicians and corresponding members of public academies, 100 Professors / Doctors of Science, 400 - Associate Professors / Candidates of Science (PhD). 12,000 students, including 300 PhD students, are educated at 10 faculties and 2 institutes of Kalashnikov ISTU. The university is training engineers in 6 specialties, bachelors - in 48 programs, masters - in 37 programs, PhDs - in 27 programs. Kalashnikov ISTU has 5 branches in towns of Udmurt Republic and Perm region, namely: Votkinsk, Sarapul, Glazov, Kambarka and Tchaikovsky.

Faculties and institutes:

At present, Kalashnikov ISTU is developing as an international university with students from 22 countries, including Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and Baltic States, Africa and Southeast Asia. International students can study on bachelor, engineer, master and PhD programs, in English as well, and participate in academic mobility programs. In the framework of preparatory program, foreign nationals can attend classes of the Russian language and basic disciplines.

Currently 149 international students of all levels are educated at Kalashnikov ISTU.

Kalashnikov ISTU is currently developing cooperation in education, research and academic exchanges with over 45 foreign universities and research organizations from Europe, Asia, Near East and Africa.

In 2004 Kalashnikov ISTU, among the first Russian universities, signed Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna (Italy) and became the participant of Bologna process. In 2005 Kalashnikov ISTU was granted a full membership in European University Association alongside with over 850 members from 47 European countries, including 23 Russian higher educational institutions.

According to the results of Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard in 2014 Kalashnikov ISTU is ranked "ВВ+" and is the 51st among Russian HEIs. In the ranking by Agency "Expert RA" Kalashnikov ISTU got the 65th position among Russian HEIs.

Every two years Kalashnikov ISTU hosts the International Forum (Education Quality) which comprises the International Conference "Technical Universities: Integration with European and World Systems of Education" in which practically all foreign partners of the university take part. During the conference collaboration programs between Kalashnikov ISTU and partner universities for 1-2 years are discussed and signed. In the framework of the conference the Forum of Young Researchers in English is conducted.

Altogether 7 bachelor and master study programs of Kalashnikov ISTU has been accredited by Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency ZEvA, Hannover, Germany.

Teams of Kalashnikov ISTU programmers won all sorts of medals: silver (Prague, 2004), bronze (Shanghai, 2005) and gold (Banff, Canada, 2008) at International collegiate programming contests among student teams.

Two language centers are functioning at Kalashnikov ISTU: Center of Spanish Language and Culture "¡Hola!" opened together with University of Granada (Spain) and Center of Czech Language and Culture opened together with Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) and South-Moravian Center for International Mobility (Czech Republic). Foreign lecturers are involved in the education process: from Czech Republic, Czech Republic, USA, Syria.

The efficiency of scientific-innovative development of Kalashnikov ISTU, quality of specialists' training and professional level of academic teaching staff is mainly determined by the cooperation of university structural divisions with enterprises and research centers of the Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation.

The main research areas of Kalashnikov ISTU:

  • Information and telecommunication technologies  
  • Production and processing techniques for constructional nanomaterials
  • Energy efficiency, energy saving, rational management of natural resources
  • Perspective types of arms, military and special machinery
  • Organization and management of modern innovative production

The university has close partner and business relations with all large enterprises of the region: Concern "Kalashnikov", ОJSC "Votkinsk Plant", ОJSC "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant", ОJSC "Izhevsk Radio Plant", ОJSC "Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Kupol", ОJSC "Izhevsk Moto Plant "Aksion-Holding", etc.

Results of scientific and innovative activities of scientists, undergraduate and postgraduate students are published in 4 peer-reviewed journals of the university: "Vestnik of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University", "Mathematical Models and Information Technologies in Production Organization", "Social-Economic Management: Theory and Practice", "Intellectual Systems in Production". Peer-reviewed journals "Vestnik of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University" and "Intellectual Systems in Production" are in the list of journals recommended by Higher Attestation Commission of Russia for publication of main results of doctoral degree theses.

The jazz band of Kalashnikov ISTU, which dates back to 1953, is a unique phenomenon even for Russia. The band, as well as the student vocal band "Rec.Time" are winners of many republican, Russian and international contests.

The Student Theater of Skits "IzhMechSmekh", well-known in our republic and Russia, transformed into the professional team - municipal theater "Young Man".

Student construction teams of Izhevsk Mechanical Institute were among the best in Russia. And today over 20 student teams of builders, youth leaders in summer camps and train attendants exist at Kalashnikov ISTU. Our students work at the largest construction sites of the country, including Olympic objects in Sochi.

The campus of Kalashnikov ISTU comprises 7 educational buildings, hostels, student canteens, Palace of Students "Integral", sport complex, stadium with football field with artificial covering, swimming pool, winter skating rink, skiing base, polyclinic, health and recreation center. Besides the university has its own boat center on the bank of Izhevsk lake and sport center on the Kama river.

University webpage:

Source: Kalashnikov ISTU

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