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The date of the University foundation is June 20, 1978, when the Belgorod branch of the Poltava Cooperative Institute was established by the decision of the Collegium of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and the Centrosoyuz Board of the USSR.

The branch was granted the status of an independent educational institution - Belgorod Cooperative Institute - on August 21, 1980. Due to the material and technical base development and thanks to the teaching staff's high professional skills the Belgorod Cooperative Institute achieved a status of an academy, and in December 1996, it became a university.

On May18, 2011 Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law was reorganized into autonomous not-for-profit organization of higher education "Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law"

The mission of the university implies the formation of moral, highly professional, innovation-oriented students by means of improving quality of education and scientific research efficiency in all spheres of life-sustaining activity, which defines prospects for key sectors' development of both economy and social infrastructure of the Belgorod region and Russia in whole.

Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law has repeatedly been recognized as an effective one; it is included in the top three private universities of Russia and the top thirty eight universities of Russia on the independent quality education evaluation by the International Informational Agency "RUSSIA TODAY".

The University includes nine faculties, the Center of Supplementary Education, the Center of Science and Research, the center of International Cooperation and Scientific and Educational center of Global Economics and Cooperation.

Education at the University is provided for more than 11 thousand undergraduate, postgraduate students including foreign citizens from twenty countries on over 50 specialties and areas of training.

The University owns educational and training buildings, experimental and industrial enterprises, a scientific library, students' hostels, a modern food production facility, the center of cultural and mass work, sport hall and a gym for athletic gymnastics. The students have a free high-speed Internet access, a canteen, two dining rooms, a café and a health center. Training and research laboratories are equipped with modern facilities and the computer park of the University is considered one of the best among Russian universities. The University possesses computer halls provided with modern personal computers; the local net having the access to the Internet has been created.

The University possesses all necessary conditions for the students to do sports: a sporting-playing gym, which meets various training classes and competitions of different levels on basketball, volleyball, mini football, gun shooting and arm-wrestling; rooms for table tennis and hand-to-hand fighting; athletic gymnastics gym; the room for playing and competing chess and checkers.

The Center of cultural-mass work is a structural department of the University. Ensembles and creative teams: folk amateur ensemble, choreographic group, drama studio, vocal and choreographic Ensemble, choirs of Russian song, vocal band, KVN League, rock band, modern dancing ensemble, ballroom dancing ensemble, agitators' team and School of presenters.

The University Hall and a fully equipped stage allow holding various mass events as concerts, theatre performances and KVN games. 

The University health center is located on the territory of the University hostel, has a separate entrance and in fact is a mini polyclinic, where seventeen medical workers observe students' state of health at fully equipped cabinets.

The University possesses four comfortable hostels for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The general number of places for accommodation is 1266. The principle of arrangement implies sectional layout. 

The University provides the possibility to obtain the additional qualification.

Additional generally developing programs:

  • Foreign language for business communication (English, German)
  • First aid and emergency medical treatment
  • Tour guide on Belgorod region
  • Programs of professional retraining:
  • Assessment of company (business) value
  • Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication
  • Effective management and personnel management
  • Accounting for company activities
  • Informatics, programming and computing
  • Accounting based on the program "1С: Accounting 8.3"

Postgraduate courses offer seven high-quality postgraduate programs.

Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law is considered to be the leading scientific center performing fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of sustainable development of cooperatives.

The University has established a successfully operating UNESCO Department "Education for Sustainable Development of Cooperatives" and the net Department of UNESCO, which is the sectoral part of the UNESCO Department studying global challenges and social and ethical issues for large cities and their population under Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law has direct partnership relations with:

  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) (Germany);
  • Belorussian Trade-Economic University Of Consumer Cooperation (Belarus);
  • Poltave University of Economic and Trade (Ukraine);
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski (Bulgaria);
  • ESEI International Business School (Spain);
  • Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  • Damanhour University (Egipt)$
  • Founty Institute (Morocco);
  • Ibn Zohr University (Morocco);
  • International Academy of Management, Law, Finance & Business (Kyrgyzstan);
  • Humanitas University in Sosnowiec (Poland);
  • BA School of Business and Finance (Latvijas Republika);
  • Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics (the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • Karaganda Economic University Of Kazpotrebsouz (the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • Trade Co-operative University of Moldova (the Republic of Moldova);
  • The Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lille (France).

The University has three branches:

Branch of the University
in Kursk

Branch of the University
in Stavropol

Branch of the University
in Lipetsk

The top of our priorities embraces:

  • development of cooperative education based on the newest scientific attainments and cooperative science, aims of sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals
  • improvement of the University status in the sphere of education at the federal and international levels
  • development of the system of support the continuing professional development of specialists for all the period of their professional activities
  • international cooperation in science and education

We are ready to offer:

  • quality education in cooperation, economics, jurisprudence, informational technologies, public catering and service
  • short-length educational programs and Russian as a foreign language
  • academic exchange
  • scientific partnership
  • joint publication in the Bulletin of Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law

The Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens is the youngest and most dynamically developing departments of the University. It was launched in April 2015. The first trainees were citizens from Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and China. At present the Department trains citizens from Syria, Egypt, Mali, Iraq, Iran, Senegal, Congo, Morocco, Gambia, Eritrea, Guinea, Algeria, and Jordan.

At the Department trainees study natural science, engineering, technological, economic, humanitarian, medical and biological disciplines in the framework of additional general education program "Training of foreign citizens for mastering professional education programs in the Russian language".

The Department possesses lecture rooms, computer classrooms with the advanced software and modern multimedia equipment.

Each students' group is assigned to its curator whose responsibilities imply the assistance in adaptation to the new conditions of accommodation and education. In addition, the curator arranges excursions around the University and our city.

When entering the Preparatory Department young people have as a goal not only learn the Russian language and adapt in a new language environment in order to get ready to study basic disciplines, but to immerse in the spirit of Russian culture. With this aim the administration and the teaching stuff of the Department are doing their best to engage the trainee in extra-curriculum activities.

For instance young people took part in such town level events as: International research conference "Education without borders"; round table dedicated to the adaption problems of foreign students in Russia; International Contest of Readers. The trainees of the Department participated in such events as festive gathering devoted to the Day of Knowledge, sitting of the French song amateurs "Café Chantant" as well as in sightseeings of the town and museums visitings. 

The launching of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens is a new experience for the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law. Our goal is to create in a multinational environment the atmosphere of friendship and mutual support, help trainees adapt in new conditions and ensure their successful study.

Length of study - 10 month (1 Academic year, 2 terms)

The training start date depends on group's completing.

Enrolment from 1 September to 31 December.

January is the date of starting the completing of groups for 18-month study (three terms)

Final document - certificate

Contact information:
Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law
Address: 116a, Sadovaya Street, Belgorod, Russia, 308023.
Tel/Fax: (4722) 26-08-48; 26-49-65,
Admissions Department telephone: (4722) 26-37-39.
Official site Web:

Contact information of the officer in charge of enrolment of foreign students
Evelina Gomonko, Head of the Center for International Cooperation
Tel. +7 (4722) 311292

License of Series 90L01 No 0008627
Registration Number No 1617 on August 24, 2015
Certificate of the state accreditation Series 90А01 No 0001814
Registration Number No 1721 on March 2, 2016

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