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Volgograd State Physical Education Academy

The Volgograd State Physical Education Academy is one of the leading universities of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture, sports, adaptive physical education, pedagogy and psychology, as well as tourism management.

Volgograd is one of the biggest cities in Russia. Today it is a centre of Volgograd region and has the population slightly over a million people, which corresponds to the 13th largest population in the Russian Federation. Volgograd is not only a cultural, educational and historical, but also a major sporting centre of the country. There are a lot of champions, prize-winners, record-holders, Champions of Europe, world, Olympic games, winners of other major competitions among students, graduates and post-graduates of the Federal State Educational Budget Institution of Higher Education "Volgograd State Physical Education Academy".

Volgograd is a city of winners. Volgograd State Physical Education Academy is located at the foot of the legendary complex "Mamaev Hill".

The pride of the region are Volgograd Olympic Champions: Ivan Bugaenko (volleyball), Evgeniy Sadovoy, Denis Pankratov, Larisa Ilchenko (swimming), Yelena Isinbayeva, Tatyana Lebedeva, Yulia Zaripova, Elena Romanova and Elena Slesarenko (athletics); Maxim Opalev (rowing), Alex Petrov (weightlifting), Sergey Pogorelov, Igor Vasiliev and Oleg Grebnev (handball) etc.

Many athletes of the Volgograd region became winners of the Olympic Games: Andrey Rekechinsky, Elena Dolgopolova, Ivan Romanovsky, Julia Koltunova, Eugene Seredin, Anna Chepeleva and Natalia Shipilova, Marina Akobia, Vladimir Arzamaskov, Alexander Gorbatikov, Yuliya Ivanova, Vladimir Karabutov, Elena Krivoshey, Svetlana Pryakhina , Julia Sotnikova, Olga Shtyrenko, Antonina Krivoshapka and others.

Many graduates of our Academy continued their sports career as honored coaches of the USSR and Russia and glorified it, having prepared many honored masters of sports and Olympic champions; Vyacheslav Dogonkin (coach of T. Lebedeva), Gorkov Boris Nikolayevich (coach of E.Slesarenko), Trofimov Evgeniy Vasilievich (coach of E. Isinbayeva), Marchenko Vladimir Vasilievich (coach of M. Opalev), Zakharov Vladimir Nikolaevich (coach of L. Ilchenko) and many others.

The majors of the Academy:

49.03.01 Physical Training (Sport training in chosen sport, Physical education, Sport management);

49.03.02 Physical Training for Persons with Deviations in State of Health (Adaptive Physical Training);

38.03.02 Management (Management of organization);

44.03.02 Pedagogies and Psychology (Psychology and social pedagogy).

The Academy has a modern material and technical base: multimedia lecture rooms with advanced equipment, computer classes, equipped classrooms and laboratories, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, volleyball and basketball halls, soccer and track-and-field indoor stadium, an aerobics room, a weightlifting hall, a boxing hall , gymnastics hall, acrobatics hall, gymnastics room, several gyms, sport dancing halls, rowing pool, sports grounds, tennis courts, football field with artificial covering.

The Academy has the great potential of young researchers enrolled in postgraduate and doctoral studies, who are training in the following specialties: 13.00.04 - Theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture (postgraduate and doctoral studies) and 03.03.01 - Physiology (graduate course).

On the basis of the Academy, the Dissertation Council is functioning, at the meetings of which theses for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences are held (specialty Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sport Training, Healthy and Adaptive Physical Education).

The Academy has a long history of cooperation with leading universities and research centers of the Russian Federation:

    - Institute of physiology named after I. P. Pavlov of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
    - State research center of the Russian Federation,
    - Institute of biomedical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
    - Institute for Space medicine of the Federal scientific clinical center of specialized types of medical care and medical technologies,
    - Volgograd State Medical University, etc.

Regularly published:

    - scientific and methodical journal "Physical education and sports training";
    - monographs;
    - textbooks;
    - tutorials;
    - manuals;
    - guidelines;
    - scientific articles, theses of reports at conferences.

Faculty, staff, graduate students and students of the Academy regularly participate in scientific conferences of international and national level.

Annually the Academy hosts international scientific and practical conferences on physical education, sport training, adaptive physical culture and management of sports and tourism enterprises.


Presentation of the Academy:
Telephone: (8442) 23-01-95
Address: 400005 Lenin Avenue, 78, Volgograd, Russian Federation

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